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Examine How Physiological Processes May Influence Psychological Behavior or Vice Versa, Using a Research Study To Illustrate Your Point (8 marks)

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Examine How Physiological Processes May Influence Psychological Behavior or Vice Versa, Using a Research Study To Illustrate Your Point (8 marks) An important psychological process that influences physiological factors is stress. Stress is a phrase first coined by Hans Selye and his definition was that stress is the non-specific response of the body to any demand on it (1978). Selye also modeled stress as G.A.S or General Adaptation Syndrome and split it into three parts. ...read more.


Here the body learns to cope with the stress and the outward signs of arousal disappear, while internally there is a steady increased hormonal production. If the stress does not go away over a long period of time the final stage of the body is exhaustion. Selye argued that this is reached when the body's resources are depleted which results in sickness or death. Autopsies in animals put under stress over a long period of time showed an enlarged adrenal gland, ulcers on the lining of the stomach and shrinkage in the hypothalamus gland and lymph nodes, which shows permanent physiological changes. ...read more.


They examined case studies of over 5000 patients before developing a stress barometer for life. This barometer was used as a basis for a study on 2,500 navy men in 1972, where it showed that the participants undergoing the greatest amount of stress also suffered twice as many ailments as those with a very low levels of stress. In conclusion, it can be seen from the Homes & Rahe questionnaire and the navy study that stress is a clear case of mind over body, in humans, where a psychological process has, sometimes major, physiological responses. Nandini Chandra Psychology SL Nandini Chandra Psychology SL ...read more.

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