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In this essay I will be talking about the detection of pheromones through diffusion within the same species and how they are used within the nature of animal behaviour.

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Introduction In this essay I will be talking about the detection of pheromones through diffusion within the same species and how they are used within the nature of animal behaviour. I am going to talk about how animals use pheromones as well as human to attract one's attention, how they are used in different situations, the chemical structure of pheromones, how they travel from one primate to another and what they are used for, by using this information I will conduct an experiment to show how fast pheromone particles are smelt within a distance. History of pheromones Pheromones were first discovered 50 years ago in insects and scientists have also discovered that mice insects and other species use pheromones. However, there has not been any evidence found, that humans use pheromones to get sexual attraction from one another in any way. Pheromones Pheromones - what are they? Well pheromones are natural chemical substances that a fertile body excretes externally, which are then conveyed as an airborne pheromone message to trigger a response for the opposite sex of the same species. Pheromones consist of two or more chemicals, which need to be blended at precise proportions to be biologically active. Pheromones are most often associated with reproduction, some pheromones can also be used as danger signals, they can also be used to mark trails, or to identify food sources. ...read more.


Alpha - Androstenol (5alpha-androst-16-en-3-ol) The alpha isomer of Androstenol creates a friendly impression, and makes it less intimidating for primates to communicate. The pheromone seems to be more of a chatty neurotic as well as touching on empathy and romantic feelings. The pheromone can also give the impression of aura, which creates a more physical interaction. How are pheromones used and when are they used? Pheromones have different uses for different situations. Here are the main pheromones and how they are used. > Aggregation: - These pheromones attract individuals from both sexes of the same species, which is produced by one primate of the same species. > Alarm: - Pheromones are released as a volatile substance in a sense of flight or fight. When attacked by a predator. The alarm pheromone can also be used as a message for help from other primates within the same species. > Epideictic: - These pheromones are recognised in insects. These pheromones are used as signals to alert other female primates of the same species that they should not lay their offspring elsewhere these pheromones are similar to territorial pheromones. > Releaser: - These pheromones are very powerful and can attract other primates from a distance of 2 or more miles. However it becomes weaker after a serton distance. > Primer: - These pheromones are similar to the releaser pheromones where the pheromones have a longer resolution and travel for a longer period of time and distance. ...read more.


Which gives us a very good definition of Brownian motion related to pheromones he says "In my way of thinking the phenomenon is a result of thermal molecular motion in the liquid environment". However there have been or investigations like In 1827 the English botanist Robert Brown noticed that pollen grains that were suspended in water, jiggled about under the lens of the microscope, following a zigzag path like the one pictured below. Collective diffusion Collective diffusion is the diffusion of a large number of particles, most often within solvents. It is similar to Brownian motion, which is the diffusion of a single particle, connections between particles, unless the particles form an ideal mix with their solvent. An ideal mix conditions correspond to the case where the interactions between the solvent and particles are identical to the interactions between particles and the interactions between solvent molecules; Conclusion Throughout this essay I have been talking about: The Detection of Pheromones through Diffusion within the Same Species and how they are used? I have conducted information and fact through different aspects of this topic in great detail. I think this essay has helped me to understand to concepts of life and the way in which species interact as well as communicate by the means of detection of pheromones. In the experiment hat was conducted I learnt that the pheromones or perfumes that were used were detected by the females of the species but it is not like that in all species sometimes the males detect the pheromones like in moths. ...read more.

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