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Julius Ceasar

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Jasmin Van Malderen Mr. Cost P.6 English 2 Honors 1/17/09 An Answer to our Prayers We don't want all these decades of work to go to waste. This world is crumbling. And our answer? Brutus. Brutus will save us. He will bring back the thriving world before we had all these issues we have today. In William Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar, a heroic tragedy, Brutus is a strong, brave, and honorable man that has all the perfect traits for being a leader. Not only does he have all these admirable qualities, but he can also make important decisions regarding the people. He will bring our soldiers home from war, help end immigration, and has ideas that will benefit our economy and make this world a better place for people to live in. Brutus will withdraw from the War in Iraq for the benefit of the people. Although Brutus is headstrong and brave and might personally want to stay in the war, his people will come first in his decision and he will withdraw. ...read more.


Brutus will also control the immigration issues we've been having lately. With his ways of following though with his decisions he will restrict the number of people that cross this border yearly. He will enforce a strict policy and have his army stand guard across the border, again all for the good of his people. As someone once stated, "Past mistakes have been made in attempts to fix immigration and our communities can no longer afford these kinds of mistakes." Brutus strongly agrees with this statement with the fact we can't wait any longer to take action and decide what we need to do, for we must act before it's too late. For now, all the cons to this problem are what we need to think about; the usage of resources, the taxes we pay, he population boom, crime rates, etc. "Brutus is an honorable man," says one of Brutus's closest friends. With this people must believe what he says because he will stick to what he says he will do. ...read more.


We could use more people to make environment friendly appliances. With Brutus in office, our suffering economy will no longer be an issue. With Brutus as our leader, he can save our world and help these issues. "I know no personal cause to spurn at him, But for the general." This shows Brutus's main good quality. As a utilitarian he shows that he does not do what he wants or choose what will benefit him the most but rather what will benefit the people the most. This leads him to making the better decisions. He is also very assertive in the way that he follows through with his plans he makes, along with his honesty. He believes gaining trust from his people is the most important thing to do first because then after he gains trust it's easier for the people to follow through his plans with him. Give him your trust and support and with that he'll save your world. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Van Malderen ...read more.

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