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Of Dreams and Reality: A paper on hypnosis and dream analysis

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´╗┐Kevin Henson September 24, 2013 Psy 101-T Reflection paper Of Dreams and Reality: A paper on hypnosis and dream analysis There are some things in this world which are better left unsaid, some secrets that lay deep down and locked away in our unconscious, hidden desires and suppressed emotions. I guess you could say it is our instinctive selves, a version of ourselves (perhaps even our real selves) that lay caged by our everyday selves, an externality of our personality that is immersed in a society of norms and standards such that if we let this ?inner? self lose, the result would be ousting, being ostracized from society. The unconscious is a world full of the clandestine, but as Freud theorizes, it is the base of the iceberg which is the foundation of our entire personality. What people see on the outside is actually largely based on our unconscious personality. It may not be exactly the same, but the fact remains, our external selves represent our internal selves to a certain extent and perhaps even in a toned down fashion. Who we really are as a person, on an instinctive level, is encapsulated by our unconscious, and to know more about this covert reality is to know more one?s real self as Roger?s would put it. ...read more.


I wanted a sense of belonging, home, and warmth through someone who would see my worth as a person and someone whom I could transcend time with. This is a good example of what is termed as the latent or figurative content of a dream while the eyes were the manifest content or the literal/physical object, the actual dream itself. As a pondered about it, this was a realization which was very true in terms of what I really wanted in life, and the following activity on hypnosis proved this realization to be even more authentic. The hypnosis activity began with a form of exercise on relaxation. I guess it was meant to eliminate all conscious anxieties (consciousness here being a person perception of the immediate environment as well as thoughts and ideas currently being entertained). In a world or in a state wherein so many stresses and requirements in life are always circulating one?s psychological activity, there is a need to quiet down and sort of suppress these thoughts in order to achieve clarity of mind, to get in touch with one?s unconscious. From waking consciousness, I would call the experience an excursion into an altered state of being wherein there is a shift in the pattern of mental activity. From the usual thoughts of school, work, and other everyday mundane endeavors, there is a movement towards a relaxed introspection of the mind. ...read more.


I became a student leader, musician, honor student, athlete and perhaps most of all, a romantic. There was someone who I cared about so deeply that I could not stop caring for her during the point when she stopped liking me in the same way. After that experience everything just fell apart for me. Aside from the pain of unrequited love, I started losing a lot of other aspects of my life such as athletics due to priorities and time constraints. I was and to a certain extent, still in an unstable state. I lost passion in my life and everything just became so mechanical. Right now, the search for myself, my direction, my passion is still underway. My unconscious told me what I needed to hear, that I was I had still had the capacity to be great despite my losses and failures, that I should have faith in the God?s plan for me. I should stop taking to heart all my mistakes and inadequacies and rather should believe that the Dreams reflect our core as a person, and reality reflects our shell. Though our shells are there as protection from influence of the outside world, we should not let our armor grow to thick so as to obscure or conceal who we really are at the core. The real Kevin, the Kevin who was a great achiever and romantic back in high school is still in me and not gone. I just needed to find him again. ...read more.

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