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´╗┐David hager Out of Body Experiences Exploring the controversy of how they are induced, and to what extent are they real Out of Body Experiences: Exploring the Controversy of how they are Induced, and to what extent do they exist IB Extended Essay 2 October 2012 Word Count: ????? ABSTRACT Out of Body Experiences have been a controversial topic, over the years to the extent of two questions. Do they exist? And how are they caused? Commonly out of body experiences are practices practiced by those one would call ?hippies?. However statistics show 1out of 10 people have had an out of body experience (obe) in there life time, in a response experiences where human brain function is compromised ie: hallucination?s from drug abuse, and brain disorders such as epilepsy. OBE have also been reported in cases of physical abuse, as well as near death, and traumatic experiences. Though there are many experienced accounts of people experiencing out of body experiences there has not been a solid scientific proven experiment that allots results that confirm the existence of out of body experience, and whether or whether not they can be self induced. ...read more.


During spontaneous astral projection the person does not know why /when it is going too, occur because it occurs in response to an event. Multiple stories have shown that OBE?s happen when the body is under most trauma. For example a common story is when a patient is getting an operation, and they find themselves floating above the emergency room table watching the doctors operate. Another common story is when a person is beaten, some say that they have come out of their body to not feel the pain of the beating. High stress situations, where your body needs peace, for example From: Story type: Out of Body Experience Location: Mississippi Source: Form Submission Date submitted: Mon Feb 6 01:48:56 2012 ".....I will scream." That was my last thought before IT happened. Earlier that morning my husband had thrown a punch at me that narrowly missed, putting a hole in the wall. I had just found out that he had an addiction to gambling that had cost him his job, our savings and he had run us into debt and nearly lost our home. ...read more.


When you astral project yourself how do you feel? When you astral project yourself 9 a self induced OBE) so take on a spiritual form. Your consciousness is linked too your physical body by a silver cord. The silver cord is said to represent life, your connection of your spiritual body to your physical body. In this spiritual form you can float, fly and visit other spiritual beings while located on the astral plane (http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/astral-projection.html). It is described as a wonderful experience that contains vast potential. The more you practice astral projection the better you get , the farther you can go, the more you will see.( http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/astral-projection.html). The Science behind OBE As you can see from the above research astral projection as recreation is a highly believed concept, and sought out concept. There have been many reports and testimonies of those who claim they have experienced this. However, Out of Body experiences are internal experiences therefore, they are made difficult to be proven by science. So as far as science believing OBE experiences exist, the answer is no. There has been attempts but currently no successful experiment that can successful induce a out of body experience on a patient. http://machineslikeus.com/first-out-of-body-experience-induced-in-laboratory-setting.html ...read more.

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