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PLAN - Discuss how researchers analyse data obtained in observational research

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Discuss how researchers analyse data obtained in observational research * Qualitative Researches are concerned with the process as well as the end product of the research. * They take an inductive approach to data analysis. * Analysis is based on researcher's field notes, but these are often compared to data from other sources (interview transcripts, narratives, pictures). * Common in participant observation to use a variety of sources. One way to analyse the data from observations is grounded theory analysis. The core of grounded theory analysis is based on three related processes: * Description * Coding and connecting themes * Produce an account Description Provide a complete description of the phenomenon of interest. ...read more.


* The researches must be able to identify bits of data and create categories , by asking questions like; who? What? When? Where? Why? * The researcher can create graphical representations of the categories and their connections, and supply case examples. * This approach can open different routes to examine the data and make it easier to see how the categories and subcategories may be related by themes. * The researcher should write a summary of the analysis so that independent readers can follow how and why the connections are reached * The notes about notes are called memos. * When the data have been classified into themes, the researcher can look for higher-order themes (main themes) ...read more.


The researcher produces a coherent explanation and an overall theoretical framework for understanding the phenomenon under investigation. The theoretical framework is 'grounded' - based on thee categories identified during the observation. However, it may also be that researchers use theoretical triangulation - including alternative theories to explain the phenomenon. The researcher continuously consults the data to see if they support the interpretation. He or she may also consult the participants, to ask them whether they can support the interpretation. May also ask other researchers to take a critical look at the account and the data to see whether they can support them. The important thing is that the researcher makes it possible for the reader to track and verify how the conclusion is reached. These are issues of generalization from an observational study. According to some researchers, it is possible to make inferential and theoretical generalizations. ...read more.

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