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Planning a Psychology Experiment on Observation.

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´╗┐Method - Design The independent variable will be the absence or presence of the gorilla, one group will be told what they have to find and the other will simply be shown the video and later asked what they spotted in the video. The dependent variable will be how many participants notice the change in color of the curtains in the video and how many participants spot the gorilla in the video. During the experiment, I will ensure I do not cause any mental or physical harm to the participants, the participants will be provided with a consent form prior to the experiment I will decide on a topic and guiding question, which will reflect in my aim and hypothesis. ...read more.


This video will replicate the research undertaken by the two psychologists in 1997. It would be important for the participants to be over 16 years of age as they would require an average level of English to understand the research question and not cause any false results to the research due to low level of English not allowing them to understand the question. Procedure 1. Consent will be gained through the consent forms provided to the participants 2. I will find the original video from the experiment by Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris, which includes the gorilla and the individuals passing a basketball. 3. I will then show that video to each participant individually 4. ...read more.


Laptop (To view the video on) 2. Laptop (To take notes of the answers provided by the participants) 3. Video of the people passing the basketball 4. Empty Classrooms x 2 (One to store the participants in & one with the basketball video.) Participants Age range: The participants will only be from grades 10 and 11 and will only be students who are older than 16 years of age Target Population There will be exactly 20 students. 10 boys and 10 girls, each group will have 5 boys and 5 girls to test if gender makes a different to the participant?s answer to the questions Male / Female 10 males and 10 females Sampling method Selective sampling (Participants will be picked manually depending on their levels of English and age / grade) How will they be allocated to conditions? They will be randomly allocated to the two groups. ...read more.

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