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Psychology essay-- Discuss the effectiveness of the biological perspective in explaining one psychological or social question.

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6. Psychology Essay- Discuss the effectiveness of the biological perspective in explaining one psychological or social question. The biological perspective is the study of biological bases to behaviour. This perspective can be effective in explaining aggression, a social question. Biopsychology is effective in explaining this perspective as this approach is very scientific making it objective and the approach has contributed to psychologists' understanding of a wide range of phenomena such as aggression by investigating the limbic system of the brain. There is increasing awareness due to modern day brain scanning that the biological approach plays an important role in the behaviour of individuals in areas such as aggression. The limbic system contains many brain structures such as the hypothalamus and the amygdala. Papez (1937) proposed a model of how these structures were interlinked to regulate emotional behaviour. MacLean further added on to Papez's theory and stated that one particular area in the limbic system was involved with many strong emotions such as aggression. ...read more.


Although it is effective there are a few disadvantages in Delagado's experiment which limits how effective this approach is. Stimulating the brain involves surgery which is risky and can be called as an invasive technique. It is also not easy to know exactly how far the stimulation is spread to other areas of the brain and the behaviour and aggression produced may not be natural and can be stereotyped. Paul Broca (1860) discovered by examining the behavioural deficits of people with brain damage that people's personality can be changes if they suffer from brain damage. An example of this relation between brain lesions and functional behaviour is of Phineas Gage. Gage was injured and although he survived, there was a drastic change in his personality as a result of brain damage. He was aggressive, unpredictable and profane. Since one of the assumptions of biopsychology is that all behaviour has a cause i.e. it supports determinism, it is effective in explaining aggression because there is a clear reason to why and how it occurs, and that is through the brain. ...read more.


This is another biological reason why aggression could occur and it is effective in explaining it as research has been carried out along with experiments to show the valid results. Other than testosterone, researchers have also found evidence that chemicals such as serotonin and hormones such as progestin affect the amount of aggression. Lower levels increased impulsiveness and aggressiveness in animals whereas higher levels decreased the amount of aggression. An experiment with rhesus monkeys showed that serotonin was accountable for 25% of their aggressive fighting behavior. The most friendly and social monkeys had the highest serotonin levels. In conclusion, it is very effective to explain aggression through the biological perspective since there are many aspects that control aggression such as hormones and even parts of the brain. It is effective because through the assumptions of the biological perspective, such as all behaviour is caused and that all that is psychological is physiological-since the mind appears to reside the brain, all thoughts, behaviour and emotions ultimately have a physical cause- it can be concluded that aggression is caused by the brain and certain chemicals and hormones. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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