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Psychology Essay

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Evaluate two models or theories of one cognitive process with reference to research studies Models are attempts to describe complex phenomena; they are changed and developed based on research findings. They multi-store model suggested by Atkinson and Shiffrin, and the working memory model suggested by Baddeley and Hitch are two models describing the cognitive process of memory. Atkinson and Shiffrin were among the first to suggest a basic structure of memory, with their multi-store model. They model was based on two assumptions: first, that memory consists of a number of separate stories and second, that memory processes are sequential. The memory stores are seen as components that operate in conjunction with the permanent memory stove through processes such as attention, coding, and rehearsal. ...read more.


Baddeley and Hitch suggested the working memory model, based on the multi-store model. However, they challenged the view that STM is a single store. Working memory is a model of STM and it includes several components, whereas the multi-store model of memory includes one. This explains one of the weaknesses of the multi-store model because it is elementary compared to the working memory model. The working-memory model starts with the central executive, which is kind of a controlling system that monitors and coordinates the operations of other components, which are called the slave systems. These components are the episodic buffer, which acts as the temporary and passive display store until information is needed, the phonological loop, which can receive information directly from sensory memory ...read more.


However, the findings in the study showed that even though there was impairment, it was not catastrophic. The researchers take this as evidence that STM has more than one unitary store, and that a total breakdown of working memory demands much more pressure than the concurrent task in this experiment. Working memory provides a much more satisfactory exploration of storage and processing than the STM component of the multi-store model of memory. It includes active store and processing, which makes it very useful for understanding all sorts of cognitive tasks. The multi-store model assumes that mental processes are passive, a limitation. The working memory model can explain why people are able to perform different cognitive tasks at the same time without disruption. This is known as multitasking. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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