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Target of Social Influence - my experience of social pressure in the selling of an iPhone.

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TARGET OF SOCIAL INFLUENCE ROZITAH SHAABAN BH0401563 DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY MC-502 DR GOH CHEE LEONG MS LYNDA LING Introduction The demand for IPhones has remained strong since its launch. Families, friends, colleagues and other social factors strongly contribute to a person's choice of mobile devices. A person often buys an item because it fulfils their desire to be acknowledged by the family, peers and other people that he/she is affiliated to. I am not a follower of mobile devices and I don't believe in high-end mobile devices. My main reason for buying or using a mobile device is due to its convenience and practicality. A basic Nokia phone is just right for me as my main usage is for making calls, receiving calls, messages and photos. The reason why I chose this situation is to demonstrate how social power changes my perception on digital mobile devices despite my belief or values and the suffering and painful experience that the Maxis Consultant had to face with me being the difficult customer. ...read more.


I heard about the positive and also negative feedback from my peers, families and spouse that had been using the IPhones. I was approached by one of the Consultants. Not revealing who I was, an employee of Maxis I confronted the Consultants on the negative feedback that I had received. Initially I was not keen on purchasing the IPhone as I am a simple person. I want to be different from the others in Maxis and my motivation or my need is low. The Consultants guess that I did not have enough information about the product and the benefits as I was asking for clarification. She uses the social proof or informational social influence as a strong discussion point by leveraging on the features and the package offered. She also used rational persuasion in providing logical solutions to the arguments that I raised and even offered to show me how to operate the IPhone in a cost effective manner. ...read more.


Social experience like direct interaction plays an important role in changing our mindset as the set of beliefs that that we have stored in ourselves provides the basis of our attitude towards a brand. What I learnt form this is that we can change our belief and behaviour intentionally or unintentionally, as a result of the way we perceived ourselves in relation to our own needs, our peers, other people or our organization needs/requirements. Initially, I thought I needed to conform to be more like my peers to avoid the peer pressure. However, after understanding the benefits of the IPhone and how it can enlighten me in my role in Maxis, it changes my initial perception of high-end mobile devices. I genuinely believe that the IPhone can benefit me in my career. With this informational social influence, I tend to look at other factors that is beneficial and that can answer the concern that I have ie 'What is it for me', to tell me what to do. This I belief can lead to permanent changes in beliefs, values and behaviours. ...read more.

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