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The aim of this experiment is to investigate the effect of performing a concurrent task whilst observing a photo and how this results in inattentional blindness amongst the participants. Participants were to perform a simple task whilst observing the phot

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Investigating Inattentional Blindness due to Perceptual Schemas Erika P�rn Candidate No: Experiment Study Psychology Higher Level Date of Submission Word Count: Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Method 2.1Design 2.2Participants 2.3Materials 2.4Procedure 3.0 Results 4.0 Discussion Bibliography 5.0 Appendix 5.1 Instructions 5.2 Debriefing 5.3 Raw data 5.4 Significance test 5.5 Photo of kitchen Abstract: The aim of this experiment is to investigate the effect of performing a concurrent task whilst observing a photo and how this results in inattentional blindness amongst the participants. Participants were to perform a simple task whilst observing the photo related to the picture. The gist of the experiment was that participants failed to notice anomalies within the photo due to the task they had to perform. For this experiment 40 participants were handed a photo of a kitchen for observation. The first 20 participants were allowed to observe for 1 minute and then asked to sketch the photo seen . The other 20 participants conducted a task in which they were supposed to count the amount of dishes visible in the photo in addition to sketching the same photo they had seen. ...read more.


Resulting into a crash during landing. The results thus showed shockingly how the pilots were fully unaware of the other plane along the landing lane because of their attention being focused so much on landing procedures. Pilots when landing were concerned with two main areas of information and these are the external view through the windshield and the instrument panel. The study raised interesting questions of the capabilities of pilots processing visual information. In this study based on the previous researches on the dependency of attention to visual perception it can be predicted that the participant of this study would similarly be affected by attention in failing to notice anomalies within the experiment. Research Hypothesis (H1): Participants will fail to notice the anomalous objects in the picture due to inattentional blindness. Null hypothesis (H0): Participants will notice the anomalies within the picture under observation. 2.0 Method: 2.1 Design: This experiment requires the use of independent samples. The method used in this experiment is experimental method. A group of elementary school students and another group of high school students are used in this experiment. The independent measures design was used because the subjects have to participate in one condition only making them more na�ve to the test. ...read more.


Attention is critical for perceptual awareness. If we are not attending to a particular information in our vision then it is not consequently 'seen'. The most important topic to attend is the link between attention and consciousness or perception and attention. Participants in group A and B showed that they neither perceived or were aware of the anomalies within the photo. Participants were as if blind to these anomalies in the photo although they were highly visible. Yet attention is not the only focus at this stage. Not only did attention affect the participants reactions to the photos also schematic models affected the way participants notices anomalies. Participants have perceived information about the visual scene, which is familiar to them. Previously they have established a schema for this visual scene for the type of objects that belong in the perceived scene. Participants whom have a schema of a kitchen. Each individual may attain a personal attention set based on own schema of the scene. As the process of attaining to new information of the scene the schema is enriched. However the question is what happens when an anomalous cue appears in the scene? There are two possible answers to this question. The observer may either notice the anomaly due to disrupted sustained attention or not notice it due to the previous schema set of the kitchen. ...read more.

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