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3 truths

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Tests for Truth 1. The issue of slavery was not the primary cause for the American Civil War. Correspondence Since the American Civil War was in the past it does not match my reality. There is no actual fact that can be checked to prove this. That would make the position false since fact cannot be proven. You must know what slavery was like and the time and what the civil war was. Coherence Since slavery was a part of the time period and an issue the proposition can be considered true. It fits in with the way I look at things. Pragmatic The position is not useful since it was in the past and doesn't affect my reality. It would be useful to know this if I was fighting in the Civil War to know what I was fighting for. Could be true, but not useful unless I'm writing a paper on the topic. I don't know I wasn't there doing the time. 2. ...read more.


Some believe the buildup caused it to end and some believe Roosevelt caused it to end. Both can be considered true based on your beliefs. 3. The full-scale use of the U.S. forces in Vietnam constituted an illegal war. Correspondence You must know what Vietnam is and what happened there. What is the definition of illegal? Who gets to say the war is illegal? Coherence An insult to the Vietnamese people could have constituted an illegal war. Why was the war illegal? Is this the historic truth or just a belief? Pragmatic Why would the U.S. go full-scale into Vietnam if the war was illegal? The position is from the past and was not seen first person. Historical propositions can be altered over time. It's not useful. It does not help me cope with reality and its vague. 4. Modern-day elections would be more valid and credible if the Electoral College was abolished. Correspondence Must know what an election is and what the electoral college is. ...read more.


should withdraw its membership from the United Nations. Correspondence Must know what the United Nations is and who gets to the effectiveness is lacking? The statement matches reality since the U.S. is in the United Nations. This does not fit in with my reality since I don't know what the United Nations is striving for at the moment. Coherence The U.S. secretly wants to get out of the United Nations and rule the world and saying it is lacking is just a cover up. There is no proof I see that the United Nations is lacking in effectives so this doesn't fit in with my reality. Pragmatic If the statement was true it can be useful. If the U.S. withdrew this could cause tension between the U.S. and other countries. The statement helps me cop with reality because war can be an outcome from this. I know what the United Nations is so it is a believable proposition. 1 U.S. Electoral College FAQ (www.archives.gov), 1996 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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