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Aromatherapy questions and answers

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Faith graham Pam walford 1 1. What is a contra indication? A. A contra- indication is a condition that prevents the therapist from carrying out a procedure. 2. If a contra indication occurs what procedure would you take? A. I would refer the client to a physician with a note explaining to them the situation and the treatment the client wanted, I would only carry out the treatment with the consent of their doctor. 3. What procedure would you take before performing an aromatherapy massage if your client had a history of allergies and how would you perform the procedure? A. if the client suffered from allergies a patch test should be given either behind the ear or on the inner elbow. This can be carried out by blending a small sample of the oils that would be used and applying a small amount to one of those areas. The oil should be left on the skin for 24hours if there was any irritation suffered by the client it would be a positive result and therefore the massage should not be carried out with those oils. ...read more.


6. Explain why other professionals should be advised a clients progress? A. it would be ethical to inform other professionals of the clients progress as the progress from the client may be gained more quickly therefore the treatments may need to be adapted for the client. It is also good manners, to help maintain a unadulterated reputation. 7. Outline a brief history of aromatherapy? A. Aromatherapy is a holistic massage treatment. It improves the health of an individual by working on the mind body an spirit. The Egyptians are often seen as the pioneers of Aromatherapy as they used the oils over 3000 years ago for cosmetic and religious reasons. Hippocrates was regarded as the 'father of medicine' as he acclaimed the antiseptic properties of specific oils, using them to nurse people. An Arab man named Avicenna [980-1037 AD] devised the first distillation modus for the abstraction of aromatic oils from foliage, Rose being the first. In the thirteenth century Damascus in Syria became one of the places for rose fabrication. ...read more.


A. essential oils should be kept; * In dark bottles to avoid sun damage as this would affect the strength of the oil. * In glass bottles to avoid contamination. * With secure lids to prevent evaporation and again contamination. * At 16?C or below to help keep the oils strength and avoid evaporation. 12. Briefly describe; * Effleurage- is a relaxing, superficial movement that introduces the therapists hands to the client, increases blood flow and aids the movement of lymph to the nodes. It is used throughout a massage to begin, to help link movement and to end a massage. * Petra sage- is a deep movement that helps manipulate the tissues to relieve tension and stiffness by stretching the muscle fibres'. * Neuromuscular- is a deep movement that is used to target tight muscles, knots and built up lactic acid to remove the tension. * Lymphatic drainage is aided by massage movements such as effleurage which uses movements towards the lymph nodes aiding the lymph to drain. * Pressure- is stimulating the nerve ending aiding sensation. Applying pressure can be beneficial for a client with a busy lifestyle. ...read more.

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