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Art assignment TOK

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Rodrigo Zozaya 3-October-2010 TOK Summer 2010 Art Assigment Art as a way of Knowing HZT4UE Initial Reaction: 1. As you approach the art gallery, you will see a large, spindly sculpture outside the main doors. It is of a spider with a sac of eggs under its abdomen. (a) What is your initial reaction upon seeing this piece? What the Heck? What is gods name is this doing here? That's interesting... (b) Do you think initial reaction is a very important quality in art? Yes I think initial reaction is very important, because if a person viewing the piece or art is not moved or interested in any way, that person will have no desire to continue watching it and therefore will never really understand the piece. Every good piece of art has original or impacting aspects that standout and make a person try to find its inner meaning. Be sure to walk around the work, under the work and to touch the work. (c) Has your reaction to this work changed? By getting closer I actually got goose bumps and found it a little repulsive as I stood under it, but when I saw the eggs I noticed the sculpture was a female spider and had a whole different meaning, it was not to scare the viewer but to attract it and want to find out more about it, which is what I was determined to do. Louise Bourgeoise is the artist of this piece. Look beside one of the main doors to find out what it is called. (e) Do you believe the piece is appropriately titled? Why or why not? I believe that "Maman" is a great title for it because it represents Bourgeoise view of her mother and not only that but the intense love of motherhood towards its babies (in this case the eggs). Also im not sure of this but I found out that Bourgeoise mother actually love knitting stuff, such as a spider knits its own web, might be a metaphor to express this love of knitting. ...read more.


Explain. I found the Notre Dame Cathedral very impactful when I first got here, I think its art because it was built not just as a church but to evoke a religious response from people, the originality of the silver material its made from make it an attractive and artistic structure. A building that is not art would be just a regular ScotiaBank office building, this is because of many reasons, there was no emotion or idea put into it, its is not attractive of artistic in any way and there are many of these in almost every Canadian city, which takes out its originality. Art and Society 7. Visit the Indigenous Art Collection - GROUND FLOOR. (a) Why do you think this collection is separate from the "Canadian Art" collection? I think its separate because they are not really "Canadians" they settled in the land long before "Canadians" did. (b) Art often gives us information about society. Using any five different pieces of indigenous art, what social commentary do you think the artists may be trying to suggest? Make sure you name the works of art in your answers. * Jackaposie Oopakak Caribou Head- Nunali-Tries to echo the thoughts of the caribou with an entire world view by ecompassing the living inhabitants of the ecozones. * Song of my dreamed dance Joane Cardinal- Draws upon cultural knowledge as well as personal imagery. * Fish Figure- Jessie Oonark- Explores the symbolisism of a warshift to evoke the defence of both the physicall and the spiritual body * Whaler's Den- Ron Hamilton-Tries to communicate the level of knowledge need for the challenge of capturing a whale * Umiaktuqtu- Annie Kilabuk- Tries to represent the role of transformation in the Inuit spiritual life through the form of a fish. (c) All art - whether it be visual, music, literature, film, etc. - is affected by the specific cultural climate in which it is produced (time, place, social conventions, etc.) ...read more.


Then of course there are the ones that get lucky and know people high up in the art business and take advantage of this to become popular. d) Do you think an artist's fame and reputation is important in how people judge art? I think it doesn't matter at all, its not his fame or reputation that makes the art good or bad it's the uniqueness and impacting force of the painting that makes it good, the artists outside life isn't relevant unless it has something to do with the painting. (e) Do you think it matters if an artist is recognized in her or his lifetime? Do you think commercial success affects the pieces that an artist would make? Does this affect the art as "art" or does it become a "product"? Yes I think it does matter because if an artist's artwork is not recognized at sometime in his/her life, he/she will begin to lose motivation because the effort put into the art he/she creates is not being acknowledged. Commercial success does affect the pieces an artist would make because with success comes higher expectations, so an artist must make original pieces to keep his/her artistic reputation. Final question 11. If your portrait were to be displayed in this Art Gallery, what would be your preferred time period and media? Why? Describe how it would look and any specific details you would include. If my portrait was to be displayed in the Art gallery I would prefer the modern contemporary art found on the second floor because its very original and attractive to me, it would have to be fairly abstract but still easy to notice that its me. It would just be a frontal painting of me smiling in one half and serious in the other half, to show the two sides of life, the good happy, enjoyable part and the suffering, dramatic boring part of life. Colorful light happy colors in the good side and dark, bloody intense colours in the bad side. I would simply name it LIFE. [PH1]The ...read more.

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