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can a machine know TOK

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Can a machine know? A machine is defined as 'equipment with moving parts that is designed to do a particular job". a machine runs on a program made by humans. The program is made so that the machine can perform a particular task which makes the task easier, faster and reduces the work load on humans. to know means to have information in your mind as a result of experience. The definition of a machine and know contradict each other. As a machine is only programmed to do a task and does not have a mind of its own. We use machines in day to day activities. ...read more.


due to these ways of knowing man has established areas of knowledge-mathematics, sciences, arts .a machine is programmed using mans area of knowledge. So we can deduce that a machines ways of knowing are mans area of knowledge. This statement makes us wonder whether machine are capable of independent knowing. We shall now look at this topic from various ways of knowing Language is vast and has various meanings. a human knows the true meaning of language and not a machine. for example it' "its pouring like there is going to be no tomorrow" any human would know the meaning would be its raining heavily but for a machine it is not possible to programme the entire language as it is vast and ever changing so it would not be possible for a machine to know. ...read more.


Emotion- there exists no programme to convert emotions felt by humans to machines; due to the absence of emotions machines are not capable of knowing. As emotion plays a vital part in knowing we can say that a machine cannot know. Knowledge is a combination of ethics and values. These values are built up due to life experience .this is not possible in the case of machines. We can conclude by saying that ways of knowing such as language, perception, emotion are Absent in machines thus cannot know. They have a superficial knowledge of surroundings and only aware of the knowledge that is programmed in them. Machines unlike humans do not have areas of knowledge like humans. There knowledge is limited and dependent on the programmer. a machine is not able to think independently and carry out function not mentioned in the programme . ...read more.

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