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Can Logic be a barrier to knowledge?

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TOK Essay: Can logic be a barrier to knowledge? We often use logic, based on experiences and sensory perception, to help ourselves make sense of different situations. However, when it comes to a situation where our past experiences or highly selective sensory perception distorts the actual meaning behind one's observation, then logic can become a barrier instead of an assistance to knowledge. For example, the situation "when a man comes into a bar and asks for water, the bartender points a gun at him then the man says 'Thank you' and walks away." By using logic developed from knowledge from our memory or our past experiences, we usually relate 'drinking water' to thirst instead of trying to cure hiccups. ...read more.


I could feel the hopelessness, despair and loss of time behind the lifeless clocks in an unexplainable way. It seemed that, by intuition, not logic, I felt the painting 'come alive' and tell me a message I could understand. If we only use logic to explain the painting, then it is unlikely that we get the message behind such creation. Artists often break through the traditional boundaries of logic and create meaning through 'the unusual'. Although one will never be able to understand the exact meaning behind a piece of art, one can still be close to the artist's intentional message. However, logic may at times suppress our natural intuition, and hence be a barrier to the understanding of art. ...read more.


In addition to religion, love is also something logic may suppress, or become a burden to. Many say that love is blind or love is irrational, and I believe so because it is almost impossible to use our logic to feel and to love someone or something. If we always use logic to weigh the qualities of another person and then reach a conclusion that the person is worth 'loving', then the so-called love between the two would be unnatural and surreal because love is a concept that stands beyond logic. In many ways logic can assist our understanding of the world, but at times it may become a barrier to our knowledge of the emotional world involving beliefs, religions, love and also the intuition we may experience when appreciating art. ...read more.

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