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Choose two senses and explain how they have claims to knowledge.

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TOK essay- sense perception. "All our knowledge is the offspring of our perceptions." LEONARDO DA VINCI, Thoughts on Art and Life There is only one aspect of life that all animals possess which enables them to acquire information about the outside world, even though the only ones capable of developing that information into knowledge are human beings, as we are the only living organisms with the ability to think and evaluate our situations; whereas other animals react by instinct or reflexes. We all know our 5 senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. As a knower, I can say that senses are the link between our body and the external world. They are the medium which we use in order to gain knowledge about what is happening outside us. In this essay I am going to talk about 2 out of the 5 known senses: sight and hearing - for those we use the eyes and ears as sensory devices-. ...read more.


But as a knower, some of my past experiences demonstrated me that the sense of sight is not always reliable. Once, I was in a car with my family and the temperature was really hot, over 30�C. I was looking through the window and suddenly I saw a huge pond in the middle of the motorway. I asked my mom if there was a river flowing through the pavement and if there was a bridge to get through it. A moment later, we were getting closer and closer to the pond and I discovered that there was nothing, my sense of sight was fooled somehow. I explained what had happened to my mom and she told me that it is an optical illusion cause by the heat in the air which creates a watery image inside our brains. This is just a simple example of how knowledge acquired with our senses is constantly being shaped and modified. ...read more.


But those are just exceptions. In real life situations, that does not normally happen and as normal human beings we use our sense of hearing just as we use our other 4 senses to gain information from the outside world. In conclusion, I can say that neither the visual sense nor the auditory one is better than the other one, as they are not perfect and do not show how reality ad truth really is, but is just a way of getting closer to the truth, like the steps we are constantly taking in the corridor of life, trying to seek the truth and gain knowledge about the external world. What happens in our day-to-day life is that people use one of those two senses sometimes slightly more than the other one, but none of them are to be compared, as they are just two different ways to acquire knowledge. For example, a musician which is constantly being exposed to hearing musical pieces and instruments would be using the hearing sense over the visual one, whereas an archaeologist uses the sense of sight over the auditory sense. ...read more.

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