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Determinism. Minority Report is very similar to a book called, Chronicle of a Death Foretold. These two sources speak of Determinism as something that is set in stone and cannot be changed.

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Determinism Essay The theme of Determinism is a very important concept in the movie "Minority Report." The predetermined event of crime was the new way of life in the year 2054. Can looking at things before really show what will come in the future? Can people change their fate? That was the real question for John Anderton who was predetermined to commit a murder but wanted to prove that he would change his future. At the end, he did stop his crime but he still ended killing the man. Even though he stops his determined crime, fate still got involved by killing the man putting John in a lot of trouble. So can you be able to predetermine your future? I believe that cannot know what your future is but that it is already determined. Minority Report is very similar to a book called, "Chronicle of a Death Foretold." These two sources speak of Determinism as something that is set in stone and cannot be changed. ...read more.


One area of knowledge that this theme it connected to is definitely the knowledge of ethics. Ethics is the perspective that I bring to the table when I think of the subject, determined events. The ethics and beliefs in the movie, "Minority Report" was the 3 pre-cogs that were able to record and send visual of the future. The pre-cogs were able to see murders and crimes but how do we know the pre-cogs were always right? That was John Anderton's main goal, to prove his innocence by changing a system that is proven to happen. Can you change something that is determined? The idea of changing something that you aren't certain that will happen is kind of hard to get your mind around, but as humans I think we have the ability to make our own choices on the little things but when it comes to life changing events, what happens is a example of a pre-determined event. John's plan to stop his crime of passion was successful. ...read more.


What is that higher force? My perspective of the higher and greater force is God because as a knower I am religious and I know that every step that I make is in the direction that God has already made for me. So does knowing your future outcome what will happen? Well in the movies case, yes and no. Many of the people did end up in the result of their future and John was able to prove the change of someone's future by being able to change the event of a crime and the death of Director Lamar Burgess. Now in our everyday lives it is much different and there are many questions that are asked. We aren't able to see our future and we ask if the decisions we make and really are decisions or is it a decision that was already pre-determined. After we make a decision but end up in a position we didn't want to end up in, can you call that fate? Fate is just another answer of the limit of control we have on our own lives further explaining the theme of determinism we live in today. ...read more.

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