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Emotion as a Way of Knowing

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´╗┐Donatas Koerfer ToK How emotion as a WoK helps or hinders the acquisition of knowledge. To choose a subject for this kind of explanation doesn?t make it easy because all school subject require some sort of emotional reasoning and detachment. But for Psychology even though I do not take this subject at school I find it appealing to talk about it in the aspect of the Way of Knowing. Emotion plays a great roll in psychology, even if it?s only in class or as job as Psychiatrist. Emotion is a very strong ?thing? that cannot be touched or smelled or heard, it is a force that drives a person to do something and is affected by sense of perception and what the person experiences around him/her. ...read more.


It makes them happy to see others believe in a strong religion but there are aspects in which people like to disagree in religion. That is when technology like the sciences come into play. These subjects have proven that the world wasn?t created by `god in seven days, nor that he actually exists, and the fact that people tend to be drawn away from religion like myself is because we get taught early in school how the world and life was created and how everything works and that God didn?t play a role in creating Humans and everything around us. In my previous school I even had a science teacher who told my class that he couldn?t believe in any religion because it would change the way you see things including emotional based decisions. ...read more.


But I can make so much more of that using my creativity like adding different fruits to pancakes or in a salad I can put anything that I fancy and let both the reasoning of what I am making taste good but allow emotion to interact and create something not only tasteful but appealing to the eye. So to get the main idea, it is not easy, to distinctly say that there is a job or subject at which anyone works, it requires both reasoning and emotion in some ways. Of course not everywhere you need as much as in other subjects like the Sciences but it is best to always have emotion because it is something that is unique and everybody experiences different emotions in different situations, so it is best to say that emotion doesn?t hinder someone from doing something, it merely leads them the right or possibly the wrong way. ...read more.

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