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Essay plan. The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility. Evaluate this claim.

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TOK Outline Essay title ? ?The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility?. Evaluate this claim. What knowledge issues I think are involved How can you possess knowledge? How do you acquire it and do these ways affect your responsibility of imparting it on others? How is the knowledge you have affected by your personal ethics? Some people would have no problem giving out certain pieces of knowledge while others would be very trouble giving out exactly the same information. How can one know when they are ethically responsible? How do you know how big the impact of the knowledge you are giving will have on the recipient? ...read more.


See above for a list of some knowledge issues. Discuss ethics, ?possession of knowledge? 3rd paragraph State first area of knowledge ? Ethics State an example linking the AOK to the title. Albert Einstein?s involvement in the creation of the atom bomb. Knew it was going to be used in warfare. Link it to the thesis statement, for and against As a scientist ethically responsible to impart his findings to the world. But as a human being he could have kept it to himself in order to save people?s lives Make sure that both sides of the argument are stated. 4th Paragraph Same as 2nd paragraph except with second area of knowledge ? Natural and human sciences. ...read more.


6th paragraph Same as above with other way of knowing ? emotion A doctor giving the results of tests to a patient and telling them that they are terminally ill. They may not want to impart that knowledge as they know it will greatly affect the person and emotionally you wouldn?t want to be giving that information. But they are ethically responsible as professionals to give that information. Another example that would go with this is a police officer having to tell the next of kin that they family member has died. Conclusion Evaluate all the points that have been talked about. Restate your thesis statement and talk about if you agree/ disagree again. Don?t bring up any new points! Round off the essay nicely, no trailing points. ...read more.

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