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Finding the Good Life - the examples of Siddartha and Martin Luther King.

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´╗┐Butler Brittany Butler The Cost of the Good Life TA: Lisa Dusenberry Throughout this semester we have had themes such as ?seeking a good life,? ?celebrating a good life,? and ?fighting for a good life,? but we have not had a strong emphasis on the cost of a good life. Everyone has control of their life and can determine what costs it will entails to reach a good life. There may be several different ways to achieve such a life, but no matter what direction one goes, seeking a good life can be a very selfish journey because it is an individual quest. On this individual quest, how many people do we stop from achieving the good life by achieving our own? No matter how much we think we do not affect other people, all our choices have direct and indirect effects on the people around us. Siddhartha?s journey is the best example of a selfish quest for a good life. He did not care who he hurt to get there, just as long as he got there. ...read more.


Taking our quest to this extreme, to kill a fellow human being, seems a bit extreme. We justify our actions by saying it is a necessary evil, but when we really think about it we are taking away some else?s life, obviously taking away chances at achieving the good life. In the video ?The Good Fight,? Americans have taken into their hands the good life of the Spanish people in fighting Fascism. Though they are before Martin Luther King?s time, they are taking into action ?Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.?(King, ?Letters from Birmingham Jail?) These men fighting in the Spanish Civil War, on both the Republicans and the Fascist side, are risking taking someone?s life to achieve their good life. It is evident that in war that the definition of what is right and wrong and good and evil may be very different by both sides. In war there is always a winner and a loser and never a tie, so if you disregard which side you root for and you just focus on the fact of people achieving the good life, someone always loses the chances of achieving their good life. ...read more.


Life is full of choices and some of these choices are bound to hurt some people in our lives. We are constantly told to live life to the fullest and my personal favorite quote ?live life passionately.? But when this passion hurts others is it worth living life passionately? Maybe we have to decide who can achieve the good life in the survival of the fittest kind of way. Some people may believe that when in search of the good life you have to be selfish, and if you are just selfish enough you can get where you want to go, but is this selfish move worth the cost? We could compromise our dreams to help others achieve the good life, or maybe if we put our selfish human nature aside we can work together to help everyone get to their good life. Everyone is different and because of this everyone will always have different opinions and stands on things, but if we all worked together to help each other to achieve our good lives this game we play called life will have far more winners than losers. ...read more.

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