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How do beliefs about the world...

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By definition pursuit requires one to give energy and time, and it is also defined as following something to capture it. So to be in pursuit of something requires you to have a goal, or an end. This end result is based on previous knowledge that reveals that it will be useful in some way or another. Knowledge that is pursued is, generally and logically, pursued for a reason. A belief is in essence placing trust or confidence in something. So the question is, how do a person's beliefs affect the way they acquire knowledge. The beliefs of the world can generally help define what is useful, which means that they determine the type of knowledge that is investigated for and obtained. However the world is a very diverse place with different cultures, each culture having its own set of beliefs. All types of knowledge must be considered, to determine what values and beliefs of humanity affect the pursuit of knowledge. Empirical knowledge affects the further pursuit of knowledge, as this is the type of knowledge that is acquired through experiences. ...read more.


It is possible that even though that there is a profit in pursuing certain types of knowledge many people could pursue knowledge for more than altruistic reasons. On a personal level, I believe with the use of the internet has helped make it easier to acquire knowledge, every day more information is placed on the web. I am naturally a curious person and I am constantly searching new information in the natural sciences, because I believe that it is important to keep up with the rising technology of our world, the reason is because this technology or even experimental treatments that I read so much about could help me help other people that I know or are close to. Another big factor of how beliefs affect our pursuit of knowledge is our code of ethics, which differ slightly from culture to culture. A person's capability to distinguish right from wrong will determine how they interact with people. Children are taught the basics of right and wrong such as how lying is wrong, and how you should share with other children. ...read more.


All that ethical questions I have been I have been introduced to is hypothetical questions from readings, and some of the programs that I watch. Many people argue that the world is corrupt; most of the world's population is left starving and disease ridden while other countries have more food than they know what to do with. Pharmaceutical companies refuse to lower prices of certain medication to make it possible for all sick people in third world countries. Knowledge is found in hopes that it will be beneficial to the person who is pursuing it. The basis of all knowledge is pursued based on its values and beliefs of society, the financer or even the pursuer themselves. Knowledge that society deems valuable is often knowledge that is pursued whether it is ethical or not. Those that have an avid thirst for knowledge value its acquirement and pursue it for that reason. Complex ideas have been trivialized so that the masses understand the general concept and can easily pick out right from wrong, and just how it will affect their wallets, and they also might get a slightly alternated version so that what they are learning fits in with the political leader in charge. ...read more.

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