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How Do You Use Emotion As A W.O.K To Gain Perspective In Psychology?

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´╗┐Reddy Mahathi Reddy Eric Sheforgen Theory of Knowledge October 4, 2012 Word Count: 540 How Do You Use Emotion As A W.O.K To Gain Perspective In Psychology? To apprehend the connection concerning Emotion with Psychology more importantly, while looking at Criminal behavior. Firstly, Emotion is a bodily feeling that is an experience of prior to making a decision, which is either positive or negative (TOK Class notes). In Psychology, presently the grade 11 PHL class is studying integrative approach to Criminal Behavior. Criminal Behavior is the breach of rules or laws for which some governing authority (via mechanisms such as legal systems) can ultimately prescribe a conviction (?Crime?). ...read more.


Psychologists are required to be emotionally distant with their patient as when they do get involved with the participant, the psychologist will not be able to look at the issue from a broader perspective. This is because a psychologist will have a better understanding of the surge of emotions that a person is feeling as one studies in great detail, what provokes a person to harm another human being, in such situations it is possible that the person in question has experienced trauma, with this knowledge psychologist argue that the person in question is not fully responsible for his/her actions. Anger and Fear are two very vital emotions that provoke people to take rash decisions, which may lead to criminal behavior. ...read more.


So the individual whose parents were murdered might want to take revenge and kill the criminal however to him that might be justified not necessarily to others. (Emotion, Attribution and Attitudes Toward crime) In conclusion, Psychology is a very complex area of discussion in addition to that when one brings into picture the area of Emotion and how the both are interconnected. This becomes very complicated. Nevertheless, emotion plays a role in almost everything, and so it also plays a role in Criminal behavior. To understand the psychology of the emotions that provokes an individual to take part in Criminal acts can be very different as not each case is the same as the other, so generalizing between Criminal acts is still in question. Nevertheless, the basic idea to understand is that criminal acts that are done are greatly affected by emotions. ...read more.

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