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Importance of experts

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How important are the opinions of experts in the search for knowledge? Humans finds it enormously easier to rely on one another to provide their beliefs and knowledge base rather than discovering it for themselves. Unique, self-regulated thought is vanishing as society morphs from a mass of fully-educated to a mass of partially-educated. It is this transformation that gives rise to the experts of our world and subsequently allows them to maintain importance in modern times. Ethics is a knowledge area that revolves around constant debate on issues including but not limited to: capital punishment, animal testing, euthanasia, cheating, forgery, abortion, and gay rights. Furthermore, ethics, more than any other knowledge area, is built upon personal conviction based on the four ways of knowing: language, emotion, reason, and perception. In such a subject area, one may heed the words of experts who have all the knowledge base in the world, but to rely fully on expert opinion to formulate one's belief on ethical issues ultimately equates to throwing away all personal conviction. ...read more.


The Arts is another knowledge area in which expert opinion lacks strength in importance. One can instruct and critique a group based on the history and traditional practices of an art such as music, painting, or theatre, but one should never have the power to transform originality and personal style. I believe that Art is the knowledge area in which personal emotion, personal perception, and personal allegory are most distinctly expressed and allowing an expert, in particular, a critic is wrong. However in this field also, there are a wide variety of expert views. But in the arts specifically, people's perceptions are varied and are difficult to be influenced by experts. Art has always had distinction due to innovativeness and such innovation stems from personal construction, not abiding by the practices of experts, but rather mocking their stead-fast rules and opinions. It can be agreed from an audience's point-of-view that an art expert has experience in the field and has thereby earned the right to admonish and praise But the viewing masses cannot be directed by the words of one man for Art. ...read more.


We rely on expert opinion and give it the utmost importance when drawing conclusions because we do not have a knowledge base of our own to draw from. The knowledge areas of Ethics and the Arts are the strongest examples of counterarguments to the perceived divinity of experts and prove why they should have little influence in building justified true beliefs. In my opinion, if one is searching for true knowledge, he should consider minimally all opinions of every-sided expert but use his own ways of knowing in deciding what a true belief is. The difficulty in this method is having the resources, time, and skills to verify each and every piece of desired knowledge. With all this in mind, I can conclude that expert opinion must certainly be regarded in the quest for knowledge but, ultimately, personal interpretation of the ways of knowing must be the greatest influence in determining knowledge, for experts are second-hand sources and can be proven wrong. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rohan Mahtani 1 ...read more.

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