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In an article entitled Good readers and good writers Nabokov enumerates qualities a good reader should be endowed with.

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year I, group A HOW TO BE A GOOD READER? In an article entitled 'Good readers and good writers' Nabokov enumerates qualities a good reader should be endowed with. First of all, a good reader must concentrate on details. It is vital to study them carefully and only then draw relevant conclusions. Nabokow calls the details 'sunny trifles' because though they are seemingly unimportant, they shed light on the meaning of the book as a whole. Nabokov warns against reaching for a book with already preconceived views. ...read more.


Therefore we need time to take in all the relevant details. The problem with the book is that it requires elaborate physical effort, which hinders artistic appreciation of it. But the sight alone would not be sufficient to appreciate the book. A good reader should mainly use his mind to savour a book. A good reader should also be endowed with imagination. There are two kinds of imagination: personal and impersonal. The former is undesirable, because it is unsophisticated as it builds upon the reader's personal experience. ...read more.


Therefore, his imagination must be at a tether. The reader should possess scientific patience which allows him to remain somewhat distant while studying all the intricacies of the book. No matter how important the impersonal imagination is, it is insufficient when not coupled with artistic delight. This is what allows the reader to enjoy the aesthetic grandness of a book. However, a good reader ought to achieve a balance in his outlook, i.e. he cannot be too scientific, nor too subjective. It means he must allow himself to be taken in by the artistic merits of the book and concurrently trigger his imagination by meticulous adhering to what the author presents. ...read more.

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