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In his work, Confucius represents wisdom through the way of being (concerning Ren) and through living in the world of thousand things (concerning Li).

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How and what way Ren and Li are interdepended Nowadays many people try to possess understanding of wisdom through different ways. Some people read books and tries to understand deep meaning of it, another ones watches movies, the other ones possess it through own experience and so on. There were a few philosophers who could develop such a difficult topic as wisdom. To my mind, the best who tried to identify the meaning of the wisdom is Confucius. In his work, Confucius represents wisdom through "the way of being" (concerning Ren) and through "living in the world of thousand things" (concerning Li). To be Ren means to be humane and to be Li means to be in accordance with your rites. His work analects of Confucius, gives a good topics to discover the meaning of wisdom. Confucius tried to show us the relationship between Ren and Li and how it is important for all human beings. Book 7, 25: "The master instructs under four heads: culture, moral conduct, doing ones best, and being trustworthy in what one says." In my opinion, this actual quotation describes what Ren is. To be Ren means to be humane according to people who surround you. This is relationship between you and your parents, you and your friends, you and your colleges and so on. ...read more.


As for me the Li is, first of all, kindness:" Give your father and mother no other cause for anxiety than illness". When your parents become old you take care of them, because they looked after you when you were a child. They give you home, education, food and clothes to make you fully-grown so you have to be kind with them, love them and respect. Interrelationship between relatives is the product of culture and civilization. Unlike, animals people love each other, show respect toward each other and so on. Thus, if we have Li we have moral, if we act like Li we act morally. Li makes people to self-perfect by means of rites and rituals. The rites refer to attitude toward life and death. Life is beginning, death is the end so if we are polite and respectful in relation to our parents while they live that means to worship your parents. The death of person means that s/he gone forever so this is last chance to serve your parents. Interdependence between this two issues is very close. Li is one that contains Ren and it cannot be separated. According to your rites and cultural behavior you become humane and according to humanness you become culturally developed. To be Li is to be moral so that means to be kind and benevolence to surrounding people. ...read more.


Everything have to be interrelated. To be wise means to use your knowledge in the right way, to use knowledge skillfully means to be wise, to be wise and have knowledge means to be Ren and Li, to be humane and to be in accordance with your rites means to be wise. To my mind, interdependence between Ren and Li is very close. For instance, I appreciate my parents and show respect toward them. I am polite with them and kind and while I have a chance I look after them and try to do my best for them. Ren cannot be without Li and Li cannot be without Ren. As for me, reading and analyzing those analects provided me some ideas about constructing and making future plans of my life. I agree that benevolence , virtue, respect, clearness in thoughts are the parts of success. on the other hand being too much benevolent like unable to express own opinion is not right, man should have freedom to innovate, to improve skills and to grow up in mind. Freedom is tool of discovering and inventing new. Of course, people can be shown by someone way to follow if this way is noble, but only show. Thus, people should always try to make their living memorable for everyone, because only like this people can get peace of mind, soul and interacting with others. Ren and Li makes people refine makes the human nature more wise, polite, kind. ...read more.

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