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In Mrigaa Sethis essay, Facebook: Editing Myself, she talks about how online profiles are diluted, highly edited, flimsy representations of peoples identity. What is so real on these profiles?

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Chelsea Conboy Professor Cowo ENC 1101 11 September 2011 Final Essay 1 pg. 59 #5 Does the identity on the social networking sites let a person know what is real and what isn't? Are people willing to share just about anything on these sites not knowing if any others are forged? In Mrigaa Sethi's essay, Facebook: Editing Myself, she talks about how online profiles are diluted, highly edited, flimsy representations of people's identity. What is so real on these profiles? She gives the example that online identity is an odd sort of shrine: It is not for a fixed deity but for a constantly changing self representation. Meaning that we are not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of others in society. ...read more.


These profiles are sometimes unoriginal. As said in Facebook: Editing Myself, "Carefully edited version of the self that is at times less than, more than, and sometimes entirely else from original." (Sethi 62). Sethi says that what is on your profile is a weaker and carefully version of your identity, which goes with that these social networks isn't as real as we thought. In today's social world, privacy is no longer a social norm. People put just about anything on these sites for everyone to see, such as pictures, check-in places, and wall post about what they are doing at that time. This has shifted many people's mind about these social networks. People have gotten comfortable not only sharing more information and diverse kinds, but more openly and with more people. ...read more.


People want to show others of a world that is expectable and that is full of life. So therefore, everything on these sites is not 100 percent true. Social Networking can be the best way to express one's identity and the inner thoughts. Although, how close can we be to representing someone's identity? With all the pictures and information, does that really justify someone to who they are? Face book is an undercover world that many people are putting too much out there. So, next time going on one of these social sites, make sure to really get to know someone before hand and not just what is on their profile. To make sure that is known, identity from these sites are not neat or controllable from the outside world. ...read more.

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