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"In order to find out how things really are, one must understand the filters through which one perceives the world" discuss.

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__________________________________________________________________________________________ "In order to find out how things really are, one must understand the filters through which one perceives the world" Daniel Atkins 20th November 2002 IB-TOK Prescribed Title Mr. D Ford Word Count: 1210 The Oxford Advanced Learning Dictionary defines a filter, as an apparatus for holding back substances. Filters allow something's to pass through them and not others. This word can have many different forms of usage. Yet, when talking about life or how one perceives the world, a filter has a more discrete, hidden meaning. Everyday we filter ideas via the medium of sight, touch, smells, taste and sounds through our head. These senses can be significantly applied to the topic at hand. Although forming the body of this essay with the senses, it can be made easier, by breaking the question down into two manageable questions. How are things really? And what determines the filters through which we perceive the world, and life? An idea has all four senses some how woven into it. An idea is a questioned statement that one could be asking themselves and curious about the outcome of it all. ...read more.


and then on to the action. Thus, the result is that the baby burns his/her hand and starts crying. But because of this experience, it has grown smarter (brain wise) and speeds up the advancement of its filter through which it may perceive the world. One of the most used, unless one is sleeping, is the sense of sight. This is definitely a filter that is able to affect the understanding of the world, and what things really are. The everyday life is controlled by sight. Sight gives humans a clear sense of direction and an image of what things really are. If there is a green apple on a table and a group of 20 people were asked what they see, they would say exactly what they are viewing, which in this case is a green apple. From this, it has been made evident that all humans with a clear vision (excluding blind people) all view the same images as each other. Now comes a contradiction to all that has just been said. Suppose a friend has told a human being, that a plane crashed killing all the dominant world leaders. ...read more.


What they view surrounding them, is determined as being reality and that everyone would view the same images. Our guardians in life, our parents, provide life's filters to their children, as well as a conscience and morals. Through these traits the human being is able to uncover the reality of objects, which may affect ones outlook and or perception of life and the world we live in today. The media, in a broader sense provides us, with an open perception of the world. Through the television, radio and papers, it encourages an identical view on things, among the total population. So maybe, the media has a more influencing power on us, than our parents or beliefs do. After all this information about filters is taken into account, the end result is what is real. After viewings, tasting etc. an object, only after that, can one actually decide if it is real or not. So the filters are our senses and everyday ideology. Answering the first question that decides what's real? Is simply answered by the second question's answer, which is the human being him/her self. All these questions and answers, are all connected together. This includes TOK, life, perception and filters. The result being a never ending circle, and that is what I am sure is how it really is. 3 2 ...read more.

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