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In order to understand the truth, we must understand the filters of how we perceive the world.

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TOK Perception Essay " In order to find out how things really are, one must understand the filters through which one perceives the world." In order to understand the truth, we must understand the filters of how we perceive the world. This statement has been true ever since the beginning of human thought, emotion and of course, perception. The way humans perceive things are entirely based on these filters that form opinions on different objects/actions. This is why humans are so different in terms of opinions and perceptions. But in order to discover the truth, people need to understand what filters are, what kinds there are and how these filters affect our world. If it's these "filters" that are affecting our perception then what actually is a filter? The filters that affect opinion and the way we perceive different things are endless. The filters can be split into two kinds, those that are more general amongst humans and those that are more specific. ...read more.


When faced with an object that has relation to both genders, they are probably likely to disagree, applying their gender filter. For example, a young women walks through the door. One female and one male are sitting in the room. The female perceives this woman as someone whose promiscuous and skimpy outfit. But the male however perceives this woman as very attractive. The main reason why these two genders form different opinions is because of the gender filter. The female filter creates opinions through their specific filter, as well as men. If it were a young man that walked through the room the opinions formed would have turned into the exact opposite. Finally, besides the main filters there are also other filters that fall in between. A Filter can develop as a result of a certain conflict between you and another person. So whenever the person says/does something the other person will use that conflict filter to form bad opinions not matter what. ...read more.


part of the statement. In order to understand how things really are everyone needs to take a step back and look at it from the outside and peel back the layers. Using the gender filter as an example, we know the female finds the woman skimpy while the male finds her attractive. If we peel away these gender filters, in the end all we have is a young woman and that's the truth. Without these filters forming an opinion all she is, is just a woman. Same goes with the racial filters, by removing this filter that African Americans are inferior or Caucasians are evil all we see are equal people. Which is what has happened in the US. African Americans are just as equal to any other American. This is real evidence/example of people removing their filters "in order to find out how things really are". By identifying the basic filters such as religion, gender and language and reflecting how they affect this world we are able to take a step back and peel through these filter to find out the truth and "...how things really are...". ...read more.

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