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In this essay I will talk about xenophobia, racism and human persecution, which is cruel and unfair treatment of a person or group because of their religious or political beliefs or their race.

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Theory of Knowledge 23/11/10 Essay on human persecution In this essay I will talk about xenophobia, racism and human persecution, which is cruel and unfair treatment of a person or group because of their religious or political beliefs or their race. A person is xenophobic if they show strong dislike or fear of people from other countries, while a racist person believes that some people are inferior because they belong to a particular race. These are really important factors that have changed the way we live today. And even nowadays there are a lot of problems that rise from these issues, even if they decreased compared to some decades ago. Personally, when I come into close contact with people that do not look, speak or act like me, I don't feel nervous. ...read more.


But I knew that they didn't really know what they were saying and I didn't say anything about them. Another similar example of prejudice that it's more known is about two Italian people, who are a bar's proprietors, beaten to death a black person only because they suspected that he stole some money from the bar. I think that many racist problems that there are in the world, as the one that I mentioned before, are due to the prejudice. Many people judge a person from another country only on its aspect, without knowing him. This could be natural, but it's also taught to us in some indirect ways. It could be natural because as a human instinct, people tend to act in a very careful way when they see a person that is really different from them. ...read more.


More people should travel around the world, discovering new cultures and new people from different country so that they judge the people from their real characteristics, rather than just judge all the people of a country in the same way. I think that we cannot train people to overcome the racism and the xenophobia, but people can only get used to it. In the past there were also people who fought against racism, making speeches or manifestations and this could be another way to overcome it. Some famous people are Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. In conclusion, I think that people should not remain in their country for their entire life, without knowing what is happening outside their country. This is because in this way, people will never learn other cultures, and they will judge other people only in a superficial way, based on their sex, race, politics or culture. ...read more.

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