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Knower's profile. My history and experiences are responsible for the knowledge-seeking-individual I am today. As a knower, I am someone who is often intoxicated with knowledge, and driven by marks and attention.

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My name is Nadine Abdel-Ghafar and as a 17 year old female named and one of 30 million people living in the 21st century, I believe that I still have a lot to learn about the world. Unlike previous generations with technological advances such as the invention of the internet acquiring knowledge is as simple as watching TV. However, in order to be able to move forward with this quest, I must first understand myself as a knower. I am 17 years old, teenager by age but an adult at heart. Since I was at a young age, I've always associated myself with adults. Unlike people of my age, adults had goals, education, and had knowledge. I for one never settled for less. One might consider it an obsession but I consider it a drive. Although, most of the knowledge I claim to posses has been determined by books, teachers, and authorities, I understand that knowledge of the arts seem to be very subjective while historic knowledge seems to be very biased. ...read more.


One might even say I was 'nosey.' As my mom describes me, "You want to be involved in everything; what matters and what doesn't matter, what concerns you and what doesn't concern you. You want to be at the centre of everything." You see, I have always desired for myself a future beyond one's comprehension, not with money but with knowledge. Since I wasn't very social, my world mainly centred on education and my family. It comes as no surprise that to this day, my knowledge is based on my drive to impress my parents. Thus, I tend to be mark-driven. My mother tongue is English, However, since I was fortunate enough to spend most of my childhood in an Arabic country, I am now fluent in Arabic as well as I am in English. Living in such an environment during such a critical period of my growth might have helped shape me into the person I am today. I was always - and still am- absorbed in Arabic poetry and literary pieces. ...read more.


Questions such as, "Do I believe in faith because I believe or because my parent's believes are instilled in me?" This constant questioning encourages me in understanding my religion. As I learn more about my religion, the stronger I become. Most people find religion to be a hindrance since it is not based on logic or scientific evidence but on passion and instincts, however, I find that religion does not in any way, shape or form limit the boundary of my learning. In fact, it broadens it. Religions add on to my personas and give me a different lens through which I can learn to question and seek knowledge. The distinction of religion helps me appreciate the beauty of science and logic. I am aware that such beliefs could affect my judgements and perceptions. However, through the belief in God, I am able to understand my biases and move forward. My history and experiences are responsible for the knowledge-seeking-individual I am today. As a knower, I am someone who is often intoxicated with knowledge, and driven by marks and attention. I am also someone whose knowledge is influence with linguistic and religious theories and perspectives. I am Nadine Abdel-Ghafar, a knower. Word Count: 1,134 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge section.

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