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Love - writing to discuss

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? Love ? Love is the spread of emotions and inner feelings which cause a force of attraction between living things. There could be many more definitions for love according to the situation and position. This tends to make it an indefinable word. To love a person, is to have feelings towards them making them more important to your heart than anyone else. It is a feeling that lifts the soul and gives the heart a splendid sensation. But love also has many different forms each having certain emotions and feelings attached to it. They could range from parental love to personal love. The difference between these types of love could be defined quite easily, but that doesn't mean they don't have anything in common. ...read more.


This proves that you only loved him because of the conditions he provided for you. On the other hand, unconditional love is loving a person unconditionally without having certain terms or circumstances to maintain it. This type of love contains the purest of emotions and feelings. An example over this could be the love towards children. It doesn't matter what a child does wrong, his/her parents will always love him/her not matter the situation he/she is in. Some people tend to plan for love. Watching every step as they go through, making sure everything is perfect and working very hard into finding out if things will go out well or not. But in my opinion that is a rarely successful process and also could be considered wrong. I believe that love should find a person, not the person find love. ...read more.


By having these conflicts and arguments the couple begins to understand each other more profoundly, making them less prone to fall in the same mistake again in the future. Then at a certain point this comes to a degree were they begin to understand each other fully and there love life becomes perfect providing none of them ignores there relationship and there duties towards it. Off course the time taken for love to reach perfection differs among people. Sometimes it could take a life time, and sometimes just a few days. But at the end, love always prevails with the aid of the strong will provided by the lovers. In conclusion, I think love is a feeling no one should ignore. Because when its pureness and softness touches your heart it leaves a mark were nothing else could take its place, even after death is taken upon us. So don't fight love, but instead fight for love. ...read more.

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