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Music dates back to the time since mankind walked the Earth. A simple rhythmic beat is also music. In this essay I am going to relate music with the areas and ways of knowledge.

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TOK MUSIC I believe that mankind's best company in good times as well as bad times has been music. People say that music is a way of life and to a certain extent I believe so. Music dates back to the time since mankind walked the Earth. A simple rhythmic beat is also music. In this essay I am going to relate music with the areas and ways of knowledge. There are uncountable genres of music in this world. Therefore our perception plays an important role as to which genre we listen to. The music that I may listen to may be old or too vulgar for another person, thus we must learn to respect each other's choice. Loud music may also be considered as a nuisance to old people as it disturbs them, perception is a unique characteristic trait of every individual. ...read more.


Therefore mostly there is a reason for artists to write a particular song. Some do it for money, some for fame, some for passion and there are uncountable reasons for us to write a song. Songs such as Pehla Nasha have been written that convey the artists first love. The reason I feel as to why we listen to music is because we want to escape into a different world in which we can chose to listen to what we want. Another reason is that music tends to calm your mind and helps you to relax better. Furthermore, with the unimaginable number of dialects in this world the language in which music is created varies. It is obvious for us to listen to music in the language that we understand. For me this is Hindi and English. But it is not necessary for us to only listen to what we understand; sometimes we may just be fans of a particular songs that is sung in another language. ...read more.


I agree with this point and believe that certain tracks must be either censored or banned from being sold to minors. Science and technology is changing this world faster than ever before. Today the mp3 player has caused a boom in the music industry. The i-pod enables a person to carry upto 10,000 tracks or more with him in his pocket. As a result more and more people are getting engrossed on listening to music and has made it as or even more important than a mobile phone. I would like to conclude by saying that music is my passion and more and more people understand the underling meaning of the music they listen to. Music is your friend you can gain inspiration from it, generate ideas from it, have fun with it and learn for it. We must remember music is part of our life and not make our life part of music. ...read more.

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