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P. Dirac quote - both poetry and science contribute in the expansion of humans knowledge in different methods.

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?In science one tries to tell people, in a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no-one ever knew before. But in poetry, it?s the exact opposite.? ? P. A. M. Dirac. Topic: Do both of the approaches suggested in the quotation enjoy equal success in expanding human knowledge? Throughout the years and up until today, scientists keep experimenting to find new scientific theories and poets keep writing different styles and types of poems. So, in order to understand the significance of knowledge or the ability of knowing, one must believe the statement to be true, that statement should in fact be true, and the person should be justified in believing the statement is true. It is only after these three steps that a person and truly say that he/she knows a specific topic. Therefore, the expansion of knowledge was, is, and will be one of human?s main goals. Such knowledge can be attained through many different methods, in this case through science and poetry. ...read more.


So, can imagination be considered a way of knowledge? Through the different analysis and interpretations of poems, humans attribute knowledge. We create the knowledge according to our own background and understanding of the poem presented. Therefore, I consider imagination a type of knowledge because through imagination, ideas are attempted to be proven or analyzed using evidence from the verse, which can eventually be a tentative fact. In literature, especially poetry, there is nothing called a fact, everything is right. As long as the knowledge claim proposed is supported with evidence then it is true. It is for this reason that it can be said that poetry challenges the mind into thinking in different ways, expanding humans? knowledge and leading to the openness of different ideas. Moreover, science, another way in which humans can expand their knowledge, provides knowledge through discovery. Furthermore, science provides the human with intellect about the world we live in. Science is mostly based on facts and theories. ...read more.


It is not right to say that poetry does not provide us with a source of knowledge of analytic thinking. Together poetry and science work hand in hand in the discovery and attribution of knowledge issues. For example, a certain idea is analyzed in a poem therefore it is an attribution, however if this idea is totally knew to you then you have made a discovery. This discovery is relative because it is not a completely new idea; it is a new idea according to the person. Each person?s background and paradigm has a great affect on the method of analysis of a knowledge issue, regarding the nature of it whether it is a verse from a poem or a theory from science. This background will unconsciously affect the way of thinking therefore attributing and discovering ideas differently than other people. In my opinion, both poetry and science are essential in life. They contribute and make use of different critical thinking and develop the brain and ability of humans in this life to question everything and think wisely. ...read more.

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