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Perception - ToK essay

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To do this homework, I had to use only my ability of perceiving things in the environment around me. I tried this in several situations to see how the world would work without the use of our rational thinking. This was indeed very interesting, because if we weren't able to analyze everything in our minds - this world would be a completely different place. I will describe one of the environments around me and how I felt while I was only reacting to my perception. The first situation was during the biology class. We were in the middle of a group work. As I remembered about the Theory of Knowledge homework, I tried not to pay attention to the biology exercises. ...read more.


I looked at the window and I saw that people outside had much more thicker clothes than we all had - clothes are like shell to protect us from the outer environment and the interaction of the nature was seen. Afterwards I inhaled the air of the room; I felt that there was food in a different room. I saw an apple on my table and which was brought by someone of the surrounding people and the apple made me feel kind of happy, because it made me feel comfortable with its presence, but I realized how I could not get eyesight off of it. The same situation in with different understanding would actually make everything completely different - while the group work was in progress, exercises were divided for each one of the groups. ...read more.


The only thing I could do was to keep on dreaming about it. As you can see, these two descriptions are completely different, but at the same time identical, because the first one is very wide, but the second one very specific. The first description actually opens your eyes, to the real value of the world, how wide and full of opportunities it is, but when you use the reflective thinking which is already programmed in your mind with years of experience - it narrows the road of life and ruins our opportunities, since we don't think too much after we see something that triggers something already known in our mind. We should more depend on our own individual perception, to make everyday life more interesting. ?? ?? ?? ?? Perception ...read more.

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