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Personal Journal 2 Observation is a major problem. One cannot monitor peoples minds, only their behavior.

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Personal Journal 2 Observation is a major problem. One cannot monitor people?s minds, only their behavior. These can be overcome by using questionnaires, surveys, opinion polls, interviews, etc, but we all know that we lie in those too! We tend to overestimate ourselves, or underestimate ourselves. Another problem is scaling. If asks how well you get along with people, on a scale to one to ten, what are you to compare yourself too? With questionnaires and surveys, there tend to be loaded questions, which manipulate your answers. ...read more.


But when in the actual situation, people often freeze up and just become bystanders. People have trouble guessing their future actions accurately. The ?observer effect? is another difficulty with observation. In the natural world, rocks and plants do not change their behavior when being watched, but humans do. The question is, how do we prevent the observer effect? Some methods are habituation, and hidden cameras. An example of this is the show ?Big Brother?. The question associated with this is what are the ethical implications of hidden cameras? ...read more.


Examples of these laws are: 1. Economics: ?If price goes up, people buy less; If supply goes down price goes up; etc? 2. Psychology: ??Bystander effect? ?the more people present at an accident the less likely that any person will help? Problems with making laws are that it is nearly impossible to make predictions in human sciences. How could we have predicted the Global Financial Crisis? What will the population be in 50 years? The complexities of life make it difficult to establish rules, as some situations are unique. Looking at human relationships, are they predictable? They are caused by pheromones, cultures, similarities, and yet we know how they are definitely unpredictable. ...read more.

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