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persuasive speech on nuclear weapons

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Nuclear weapons nature and society My dear fellows, Today I am going to inform you about the bad aspects of testing of nuclear weapons. To begin with, nuclear weapons represent humankind's ultimate confrontation with the natural environment that sustains us. The purpose of these weapons is wholesale destruction on a massive scale, which affects most forms of life. No other single human creation has such potential for harm! It must be forefended without losing any time! The threat to life posed by nuclear weapons that the International Court of Justice, the world's highest legal authority, in its 1996 landmark, stated: The destructive power of nuclear weapons can not be contained in either space or time. ...read more.


So, we can not disregard my friends! How do we know that it won't happen to us one day? Moreover, approximately 1900 nuclear tests have been conducted of which just over 500 were in the atmosphere, underwater or in space, and the remaining 1400 were underground. Radioisotopes produced by nuclear tests pose risks to current and future generations by ingestion, inhalation and external radiation. Test sites around the world remain contaminated. In 1991 International Physicians for the Preventation of Nuclear War and the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research published 'Radioactive Heaven and Earth'. This study estimated that the radiation exposure form carbon-14 would result in a total of 2.4 million human cancer deaths. ...read more.


At higher levels of radiation exposure, cell death results. In parts of the bosy where cell turnover is normally high, cells may not be replaced quickly enough and tissues fail to function. This can be fatal as tissues are very sensitive to radiation damage the fetus is particularly vulnerable. Furthermore, rates of inadequate brain development increased in individuals who were exposed in the womb to the radiation of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. Long term genetic effects are also possible if the damage to the DNA occurs in a reproductive cell, whereby the error may be passed on to the future generations. Now, gather to save the glorious generations of our world! Don't let our future to be endangered! It's all up to you: Say NO! Emotional appeal: my fellows, my friends Rhetorical question Repitition of gathering, children, new generation.. Giving statistical data and specific examples ...read more.

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