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Reality. One event can be told many ways, our lives, experiences and goals change our perception of the event and therefore alter our reality. Look Both Ways directed by Sarah Watt, shows how one event can change a person, or many people's lives.

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Reality can take many forms, the owner of the reality can manipulate and change it to reveal and revolve around different things. Reality is what makes us different, unique; our perception of it is what defines us, what creates us. Our ability to interoperate and function with our interpretation of reality is what leads to our understanding of life, how we interoperate our reality is what helps us to build and refine our life goals and morals. One reality is never the same as another, as we all interoperate it differently due to our different experiences and lifestyles, for example, one year 12 students experience is different to another, as they aim at achieve different things out of school and life in general. ...read more.


The film focuses on the different views of the characters, how their lives are impacted and how their reality best helps them to deal with the tragedy that is somehow related to them. One reality is not the same as another, culture, aims, morals and society all play their part in shaping our lives, and by doing this shaping our reality. Young or arranged marriages, homosexual relationships, young mothers, politics and women's rights, all controversial topics that have different and changing answers. To a woman living in a patriarchal society, a male dominating world is the reality they face, comparing this to a woman currently living in Australia, with a female Prime Minister, Governor General and Queen, this shows that reality can be changed by our physical place in the world. ...read more.


What we make of it, how we interoperate it and whether or not we use it is up to us. To create our own reality is when it becomes ours, the reality we follow is mealy a society based and concept driven law, if we break it we could go to gaol, (Meursault in The Outsider) a mental asylum (Blanche from A Streetcar Named Desire) or just looked upon as a social outcast or reject, (Jed Parry from Enduring Love). In a way its society's way of telling us that if you deviate from their well thought out and carefully structured plan, creating an alternate reality, they will restore their reality by destroying yours. There are few people that have changed what society thinks acceptable, rulers, scientists, poets, politicians and musicians, they are the few people that have lived their reality without the consequences, but ultimately our reality is societies reality, until we find a way to change it. ...read more.

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