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Revision notes - list of possible topics for TOK questions.

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Theory of Knowledge: Sample Presentation Topics Identify an issue of global significance which introduces a conflict of concepts and values. Examine the facts, language, statistics, and images used by at least two sides in the conflict in their representation of the issue. In the process, identify assumptions, justifications, values, and emotions which diverge. To what extent can you find the truth of the issue? 1. Poverty (also more specifically beggars and begging) 2. Social concepts of time (e.g. Mainstream concepts vs. First Nations' concepts) 3. Science vs. religion (with reference to Evolution, Abortion, etc.) 4. The Quebec problem. 5. The death penalty. 6. Do video games promote violence? 7. Artificial Intelligence (more specifically robot "beings") 8. WWF: entertainment or exploitation? 9. Euthanasia. 10. ...read more.


27. Arranged marriages/love matches. 28. What purposes do labour unions serve? 29. Emigration. 30. Religious faith: the challenges. 31. The rights of robots. 32. Abortion: the problems and challenges. 33. The ethics of cloning/bioethics. 34. The last U.S. election: why all the confusion and uncertainty? 35. Electoral reform. 36. Obesity and eating disorders. 37. Decriminalization of pot. 38. Expression of Anti-Americanism. 39. Child labour. 40. Sex offenders. 41. Health care: private vs. public. 42. Cultural assimilation. 43. Right to life. 44. Suicide bombers. 45. Pirating music. 46. Youth prostitution. 47. Youth offenders. 48. The boundaries of art (the transgressive artists, e.g. the use of excrement). ...read more.


Can we distinguish between good and bad mathematics? 75. The development of AI and its effects on the human race. 76. Will there be an end to the pursuit of truth through the study of physics? 77. Lookism: do we discriminate on the basis of looks? 78. Poverty in North America: is it our responsibility to help the less fortunate? 79. The European Union. 80. Is there a crisis in humanism? 81. Same-sex marriages. 82. Brainwashing. 83. WWII. 84. Aids in Africa. 85. Pop princesses. 86. Assisted suicide. 87. Graffiti. 88. Discoveries in the universe. 89. Sweatshops. 90. Wind farms. 91. Capital punishment. 92. Diets. 93. Cosmetic surgery. 94. Is misleading the public justified? 95. Comparison of gender theories. Remi Vicente Ms. Galanis ...read more.

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