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Role of emotion

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Many people may believe that without emotion we are paralyzed. However it is also possible that too much emotion can hinder us as well. Without emotion life might be considered insignificant or boring. Contrarily, a life with emotion may actually serve as a handicap. The word emotion is derived from the french �mouvoir. This French word is derived from its Latin root; emovere. Emovere is the root of the English word motivation. Subsequently, emotion has some correlation with motivation, thus a life without emotion may very well be a life without motivation. ...read more.


A lack of motivation and emotion may rob us of our ability to create or recognize art. Without art, what would life become? There is no doubt that life without emotion would be humdrum. On the other hand, life with too much emotion may serve as an obstacle to our lives. Emotion can be linked with our individual personalities and there are various disorders involving too many personalities; in other words; disorders involving too much emotion. To illustrate, Schizophrenia is a multi-personality disorder involving hallucinations and paranoia. ...read more.


However, each of the above individuals contributed beautifully to society whether through writing, music composition, or visual art. Their heightened sense of emotion fueled their artistry, but they suffered from great personal loss. It is important to consider what is forgone in a life with emotion. Many people believe it is best to live happily and content with emotion but live short lives. But perhaps it is better to live long without the hardship that emotion may evoke. Contrarily, a famous quotation by Henry David Thoreau may suggest otherwise: "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them" ...read more.

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