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Should Chemical and Biological Weapons be banned?

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Should Chemical and Biological Weapons be banned? Chemical and biological weapons are the oldest form of the so-called weapons of mass destruction, having been widely used in the grim trenches of World War I. The use and development of these weapons is a controversial issue. The discussion is mainly on the issue of whether chemical and biological weapons should be banned. People arguing for the development of the weapons are that the best protection against chemical and biological warfare is the fear of revenge with equal force. But the others say that the weapons are by their nature immoral and should be eliminated. Chemical and biological weapons are by their nature immoral and should be banned completely. Biological and chemical weapons, unlike conventional weaponry, kill, maim, or sicken soldiers. They tend to kill civilians, including women and children, as it cannot be controlled once used. ...read more.


The rise of non-state actors, like al Qaeda has raised apprehensions that fear of revenge may not be effective against terrorists. The answer lies not in eliminating stores of chemical and biological weapons, but rather putting stronger controls over components of such weapons, and the people who may have knowledge of how to manufacture them. "In the United States in 2001 shortly after the al Qaeda attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Seven envelopes containing the biological agent anthrax were sent by mail to five media outlets in New York and Florida and to the offices of two US Senators. The envelopes contained a strain of anthrax that had originated at a US Army facility and was later distributed to 15 research laboratories. At least five people died from the attacks and possibly 17 others were infected but treated successfully with antibiotics. No one has ever been arrested." ...read more.


Even though the banning of CBW is not likely to happen. I think that the governments still have to put on strict controls and restrictions on the production and manufacture of these. So that the chance and usage by CBW in terrorist attacks can be minimize. The issue over whether CBW should be banned has been very controversial and under discussion over many years. Some argue that storage and manufacture CBW should be completely. Others think that this idea is completely unrealistic so the government should concentrate to control the chemicals. But after all it is the risk of the usage of the weapons by terrorists that horridly the public. Numerous attacks using biological agents and nerve gases around the world raises the importance of the topic. But if the government takes an act on these issues than the chances of the same incidence happening again should be largely reduced. Even though the best solution with these would be to ban CBW completely what are the chances that this will be achieved in anyway? ...read more.

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