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Socratic dialogueAre reason and logic purely objective and universal, or do they vary across cultures?

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Nov 3, 2011 TOK Dolly Huang 1. Are reason and logic purely objective and universal, or do they vary across cultures Susan. Have you ever noticed that logic and reason is purely based on cultures? Frank. What do you mean? I thought that logic is just logic. There are many ways you can think about this and defines for the definition of logic and reasons. For example, I believed that logic is the common sense of how people react to knowledge or things that they have experienced. However, you could also say that logic is a way to show reasoning in speeches and actions. Until a certain extent; people will be able to think rationally. We try to think the same way as others do and to empathize and sympathize with them. That is why we all can come to a common, universal answer, which becomes our common sense. Susan. Well why do we have wars then? If we all think the same way, then we would have world peace and people should live happily ever after. ...read more.


North Korea, being the more conservative country and uses the Communist leadership and style of ruling. Whereas the South Korea is much more liberal and opens to the outside world. Frank. That is true, but I also come to think of the Korean situation as this. Because the North Korean people are under pressure by their government and secret police unit, they must outwardly follow and show support for the government. Remember the scene that when Kim Jung Ill died recently? The entire population was shown weeping in public. Do you think that it was because that was really sad and everyone loved him? Would they be weeping if they have the freedom like South Koreans do? You can't really say the case of North Korea is based on culture logic if they were forced to cry for the death of leader. Also, if all of the North Koreans believed that their government was right, they wouldn't risk their life to escape out of the country. It is true that I can't really speak for the Korean situation since I'm neither a North Korean citizen or a South Korean citizen, but this is how the world have viewed the Korean peninsula situation according to news media all over the world. ...read more.


If a reasonable reason in a culture is contradicted and is proven to be unreasonable in other places worldwide, than the culture will shift towards making that reason to be reasonable universally. In conclusion, doesn't matter where you are, there are a number of things that people around the world all agree together. Frank. Yes, that is correct. That is why people's commonsense can be accepted universally. Reflection: After looking at my previous work, I saw that my main points were clear, but they weren't worded in a strong and vivid way. Therefore I have expanded on a lot of my points to make the examples more relevant to the debate between Susan and Frank. I especially changed on one of the paragraph that I didn't like which is when Frank talks about Korea. Before I said that it is necessary to protect for their country however the new point that I have included which is North Koreans are under strong pressure so their behavior is rational in terms of survival. If their government was more liberal, they would have reveled their true thinking. Other changes that I have made were minor spelling and grammatical errors. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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