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Tell the Truth

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" A picture is worth a thousand words." Many people use this quote, but is it true? Can you really get more out of a picture than a 1000 word piece of literature? Can a picture "tell the truth" better than literate or literature "tell the truth" better than a picture or work of art? What area of knowledge can "tell the truth" the best? Knowledge gained by literature and art is gained through emotion. The difference lies with the fact that knowledge gained by literature is also gained through language, where as that gained by art is gained through empiricism. Also, both literature and art are subjunctive to the knower, so the knowledge one person gains from a piece or literature or work or art may be different then that gained by another person who reads or sees the same thing. The truth told by these two forms of knowledge are going to be based on personal perspective. So, doesn't that mean that both art and literature do not tell the truth, but rather evoke a truth because of their subjectivity? ...read more.


Can you explain things better with words than painting, sculptures or music? I feel that it depends on what it is. The truth of true love for example may be told better with a McMullin 3 picture of the two together. Pictures often call on your emotions and let you see for yourself how the two are together. It is often harder to describe things such as true love with words. Other things however are much better explained in a long piece of literature. Therefore, it may depend on what truth you are trying to tell? Perhaps one might think of the different areas of knowledge as different musical instruments. They can all play or tell the same note, for example C sharp, but, they do it in different ways. Does it sound better on one instrument or the other? I believe not! We also have to take into consideration the question of can truth (or even just "significance") be better realised through your own words or those of someone else? Because with literature you are leaning the truth through the words of others, where with a work of art you are using your own words to describe the truth you are learning. ...read more.


The learning process depends on agreement, and this agreement rests on pure reason. If you agree with the general concepts, it is the most simple of all the areas of knowledge, there is only one correct answer, 2 + 2 will always equal 4. Math is a universal language, with nothing lost in translation. It "tells the truth in the most simple and straightforward McMullin 5 way. Can literature or art ever "tell the truth" better than math? In conclusion, I do not believe that literature can not "tell the truth" better than other Arts or Areas of Knowledge. I believe that because of their subjective nature literature and art are less likely to reach the truth than the other areas of knowledge. I believe that the best ways to " tell the truth" are through sciences and math. There is less to no room for interpretation or personal opinion. On the other hand everyone finds the truth in different places. Some find it in math calculations, some in music, some in visual arts, and others in natural sciences. We're all different, and for many literature doesn't quite provide what they're looking for. For many more, however, it does. Therefore, this question comes down to a matter of personal opinion. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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