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The Illusion of Anne-Katherine

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Of note, this was written by two different people, and was intended to be an oral presentation. The assignment was to prove something does not exist, we chose a member of our class. The Illusion of Anne-Katherine Chad: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. We are here today to expose one of the greatest shames of Port Moody Secondary's history. This shame has existed in the upper echelons of our society for two years, and we believe that the truth must be told to all held in spell. For the purposes of this presentation, I will state that illusions are, by definition, not real, and therefore cannot be endowed with human traits. Included in these traits is the usage of the pronoun he or she. 'It' would be more appropriate. It, cannot exist. It, is supposedly Francophone. Also, in order to be real, It would have to exist in school. And above all, It must have been born in order to exist. ...read more.


Laval minus the 'e' is a town in Quebec. Lavale with an 'e' at the end is not. It would seem that one without a place of birth would not exist. Brendan: I interviewed Derek Tsan, a grade 10 student that socializes with the ib-french immersion crowd quite often. When I questioned him about "Anne-Katrine" he said: "well she can't possibly exist. I have not met her before and I'm at all the immersion group events" What does this prove? Well it is an acknowledged fact that "Anne-Katrine" belongs to the ib-immersion group. When IB immersion students were questioned about seeing "Anne-Katrine" at parties and such the general consensus was that it was hardly ever seen at gatherings and when it did come to these events it was always when certain individuals were consuming certain illegal substances with certain hallucinogenic side effects. Therefore, when considering this evidence, it seems quite clear that it does not exist outside of school and that is because there is nothing in the air that is affecting our brains. ...read more.


Bartholomew and Erich Goode. Episodes of mass psychosis typically affect small groups in enclosed settings such as schools, factories, and orphanages. So already you can see the similarity of our situation. We, the IB group see "Anne-Katrine" but only at school. Now one of the main causes of mass psychosis is the perception of a threatening agent, most commonly a strange odor. Now I'm sure you all have noticed the strange smell that is almost always present when entering this class. It is this very smell that could be causing this delusion or other different smells unearthed by the construction. Chad: Shame is powerful. It can motivate self-depreciation to the point of suicide. It must be exposed, for all to see, for all to heal. Ladies and gentlemen, we are accusing you of shame. We are also accusing ourselves of that same crime. It is time to shake off our shame, and commence healing. You must say it, to yourselves, out loud. It cannot exist. It does not exist. And heal. Thank you ladies and gentlemen. ...read more.

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