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  • Essay length: 1215 words
  • Submitted: 09/02/2009
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International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge

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Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of reasoning as a way of knowing

How do we know? That is the main TOK question, how do we know? Well we know through our experience, senses, knowledge, and reasoning etc. What is reasoning? For me it's a claim, which supports essential processes, interactions, relationship; as well we base our reasoning on some knowledge in order to find some truth. However, reasoning as knowledge can be objective and subjective. On the picture on the left you see an apple; it is a usual apple, grown up somewhere in America. For a 3 year old child, it's just a red apple with a nice smell. Apple has these traits and without child or person trying it, therefore this knowledge is objective, it exists without any other influence. But when kid is eating it, an apple becomes tasty, or bitter, in other words it becomes a subjective knowledge. I.e. the girl on the picture is eating an apple; she is excited and happy, the apple is tasty for her, she just experienced that, it's subjective. Therefore, reasoning might be defined as, just an objective knowledge existing without any external effects and as knowledge based on our

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