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TOK Essay- The existence of God

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SPINNING IN THE CIRCLE There are loads of unanswered questions in the world. Whether a life form lives in another planet, extinction of humankind, being able to predict Earth's remaining time... However, there is one question that is answered by every each person but couldn't be proven: The existence of God. "God" is a moral belief which could be defined as 'believing a superior existence and directing our life with its guidance'. There are different forms of God since there are different forms of faith but the most common one is monotheistic religion. However, thousands of years ago, this wasn't the case. People believed in many gods rather than believing in one. One of the most spread polytheistic belief was, without a doubt, the Greek Myth. ...read more.


Why doesn't anybody believe in these anymore? It's simply because we proved that the Greek Myth is wrong. People know that it rains when warm air turns the water from rivers, lakes and oceans into water vapor that rises into the air. They form clouds and as the clouds rise higher and higher, the air gets colder which makes clouds too heavy and fall to the ground as rain, or snow (The StartSpot Mediaworks, Inc.). This is the reason why ancient Greeks believed in these gods. They just couldn't prove that it's wrong. Now, people believe in one God. One God which created us and the universe, one God that doesn't interfere our daily lives, and whom we shall be with after death. ...read more.


Such attitudes show that believers think reason and faith can't combine together because it brings a whole new point of view to religion. Being curious is in human's nature. Since the beginning of the humankind, they have always questioned the things around them. When they couldn't find an answer, they thought that it was done by something they couldn't even thought of. As time passed and they found the explanation, there seemed no reason to think the way they did before. More explanations bring more questions. Again with unanswered questions, a new belief is born. This will go on and on. So why do people believe in these even though they know the vicious circle? Humans are curious. They just can't live without an answer to those questions. Therefore, it is possible to say that reason and faith are not entirely separate things. One causes the other, just like a vicious circle. ...read more.

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