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What are good reasons and bad reasons for funding scientific research ? Refer to science in public domains (astronomy , etc ..) and in private domains (drug and chemical companies). When science is an investment for profit, can it still be good science

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´╗┐What are good reasons and bad reasons for funding scientific research ? Refer to science in public domains (astronomy , etc ..) and in private domains (drug and chemical companies). When science is an investment for profit, can it still be good science ? Scientific research ?consists of inquiries, observations and experiments?.[1] The aim of scientific research is of gaining knowledge in order to improve our life and understand our world. It helps people understand why certain things occur, how things work and why they look in a specific way. Scientific research is very important especially in relation with our health, as it can help save or prolong life. Science is used in laboratories to research all kind of problems, as for example cancer research.[2] Science is used in the 21st century in everyday life, as for examples computers or cellphones, and in order to develop it is fundamental that we continue research, improve and invent new technologies. To fund means to provide money, or in other words to furnish a fund. ...read more.


This reason of using a private domain to fund research, and use financial motivation to motivate and consequently increase performance can be very effective. It is difficult to determine whether a reason for scientific research is 'good' or 'bad' because all scientific research can bring benefits to the worlds population. For example, the development of Humulin, a form of insulin which helps people suffering of diabetes mellitus, one might argue that it is a 'good' reason and a bad one as well. Many could dispute that this research, as most biotechnology, was conducted mainly for the sake of the profits it would have provided and only secondarily for the science and human benefits it would have brought. This shows that commercial research does not direct its funding to the most urgent or useful problems in society but rather regards with more important the projects which will bring higher profit. This may be a reason for which one could say private domain funding is based on 'bad' reasons, because profit driven research does not enable scientists to concentrate on urgent problems. ...read more.


Also another point which can be argued is that private domain could cut corners in order to achieve results quicker and have less costs. In order that scientific research is valuable one must take close attention and try and make experiments are reliable and accurate as possible. However, this can take a long time and some times, especially in profit funded research, scientists are forced to conduct research in the least amount of time, not having the possibility to for example test results efficiently. This is why private domain research can be classified as 'bad'. I believe that instead of calling this 'bad' science, private funded research, we should differ 'good' and 'bad' research based on the way in which scientists have arrived to their results. Both public and private domains are able for one reason or the other to cut corners and produce useless research. 'Bad' science occurs when research is not conducted in the appropriate way. This is more likely to happen with private domain funding, because there is a strong common reason/goal which drives people to do this research quickly and not for the right simple scope of scientific knowledge. ________________ [1]http://www.ehow.com/about_6137969_importance-scientific-research.html [2]http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_does_science_relate_to_your_everyday_lives ...read more.

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