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What do you expect to gain from the T.O.K course?

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T.O.K Assignment What do you expect to gain from the T.O.K course? The T.O.K course provides benefits that other courses cannot provide as other courses specify on the areas of knowledge, such as history or mathematics, however T.O.K concentrates primarily on how someone acquires and interprets knowledge. There are numerous benefits that I expect to gain from the T.O.K course. ...read more.


By having the ability to reflect upon knowledge, I will be able to understand the empowerment by which knowledge presents. Additionally, I expect to acquire the critical analytical skills that are necessary to investigate, support, and challenge certain knowledge claims. By attaining these skills I will be able to step outside the box of knowledge and analyze the different claims. ...read more.


From this I can generate an idea or statement regarding a claim without applying a biased opinion regarding a knowledge claim. Lastly, by the end of the course I will hopefully be able to generate statements, questions, ideas and hypotheses in regards to a response of a knowledge issue or claim. Conclusively, by acquiring these analytical skills I will be able to partake in conversations with individuals regarding global issues and knowledge claims which is my ultimate goal for the Theory of Knowledge course. ...read more.

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