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Why do you think the TOK course is at the core of the IB diploma program and how do you think it impacts the life of the students?

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Why do you think the TOK course is at the core of the IB diploma program and how do you think it impacts the life of the students? Theory of knowledge is what it means, theories about knowledge. It provides a general picture of how and why people should think or scrutinize about the world around us. This course is useful, not only because it helps you receive your IB diploma, but it can also help you think beyond what you see; it challenges the students to look beyond the superficial, since usually there are more to things than what is on the surface. As theory of knowledge students are challenged to wonder about the things above their perceptions, they start to ask questions in hopes to acquiring more in depth knowledge. ...read more.


A similar trait that these programs have is that they not only provide knowledge background for the IB diploma candidates but it also builds up experiences that can be applied to life in the future. Theory of knowledge provides knowledge about the devices people use to think; we also learn about their strengths, weakness and limitations and to apply the knowledge in solving real life situations. In the creativity, action and service program, we learn how to evaluate our own strengths and weaknesses by doing hands-on activities, whether it is volunteering to teach English at a local public school or learning to do something new. The extended essay gives the candidates adequate experience and knowledge on how to write a full research paper, which will not only help them in university when they have to write research papers but also when writing reports in a job as well. ...read more.


Your processing abilities will be a head of everyone else whom have not take the course, which gives you the advantage in the competition of the "real-world". We as humans never stop learning; we learn new things from the moment we were born until the moment we die. However, not everything we learn will be true, since knowledge may have different intentions for their existence. We need to rely on our judgment to be able to keep away from those misleading information, since they can cause severe harm to us and the ones we love. The theory of knowledge course provides us with skills to judge, which will help us to live a life that is true; without these skills we can get lost on our way down the path to our goals. ...read more.

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