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A close look at how family honor is wrecked and the lead to struggle for generations like Tita in Like Water for Chocolate and Angela in Chronicle of a Death Foretold.

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IB English A1 World Literature Paper 1 Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel and Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garc�a M�rquez Honoring the Family Name: A close look at how family honor is wrecked and the lead to struggle for generations like Tita in Like Water for Chocolate and Angela in Chronicle of a Death Foretold? Word Count: 1480 Kayana J. McCalla Like Water for Chocolate is a tell-all tale about Tita, a girl that deprived of her love Pedro, held down by the constraints of a mother too bitter to let anyone else love, and generations of traditions based on taking care of mothers until death. Mama Elena enforces the fact that Tita will not be able to fall in love and marry because her duty falls to her to take care of her until death. Deep inside, Tita's yearns to be free of it all - no matter how young she may be or what generations may have set for her. Heartbroken and alone, it becomes a fight to keep her forbidden love alive, while knowing that her own sister will marry her love. ...read more.


"...But nothing! What you have done has no name! You have forgotten all morality...You have blackened the name of my entire family, form my ancestors down to the cursed baby you carry in your belly," (Esquivel, 173). Yet, Tita know that what she does is wrong, but her love for Pedro grows infinite. Even with her love for Pedro, Tita realizes that she is forced to see if love with Pedro seems to be the right choice. What seems right to her may not be, and without looking at people outside of her love with Pedro, she embarrasses the family name. It is important to understand that once family honor is lost in an environment surrounded with infidelity, it becomes a struggle and even impossible to gain back. In Tita's case, she lost her family honor when she had sex outside of marriage, making it know to the town. Despite this, John still wants to marry her, and it will never change the fact that she disowned the family name. Likewise, in Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Angela has sex with an unknown person. Infidelity and virginity became a deciding factor as to marriage in this Spanish town and Angela fell short. ...read more.


Yet, years later, images of Santiago that day haunted them. Chronicle of a Death Foretold and Like Water for Chocolate are displays of Spanish tradition for many years. In Like Water for Chocolate, the De la Garza family faced widespread humiliation because Tita was one to break tradition. She stepped out of line and followed her heart - despite the fact that it may have cause harm to the family name. Two things that she did caused her to lose her family name: sex outside of marriage and getting married and having a relationship when tradition rules "love" out. On the other hand, Angela did one thing which caused her to lose her families name and her lost possession. It seems however, that Angela's family did whatever it took to make sure that family name was restored - even if it was claiming the life of someone else. A Spanish traditions show that sex and marriage makes a family pure. When purity and honor to a family member becomes a lost possession or a boundary being tested, a tradition dating back to generations before goes sour, only to harm future generations. In this case, when family honor gets lost, it causes a generation struggle, and in the end, a life becomes a token or victory is claimed. ...read more.

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